Space Myths & Mysteries

By ch1c0nta@ctus 08.05.2014 interact

The moon isn’t really made of cheese, and black holes aren’t gateways to other galaxies. Uncover space myths and mysteries with our quiz.


  1. jason lam

    you should take the can you be a astronaut test it is fun but i was not ready to be a astreonat

  2. Camden

    Omg I m the baller
    You guys did a good job

  3. Kelly

    No body’s perfect but I tried

  4. jordanlj614

    who REALLY knows how old the universe is though?

    • alton

      now accuracy you can by how far away we ar from the center of our galaxy,how many rings sateen has there are a lot of different ways you can tell how old the universe is so you can

  5. Luis

    I got a 100% on this quiz becuz i am smaterer than you

    • jordanlj614

      the fact that you have to announce that you feel your “smarter” proves that you’re an airhead who knows how to use goole

    • Kelly

      Nobody’s perfect but I tried

    • jason lam

      you don,t have to brag

  6. Elyasia16

    Great test

  7. Elyasia16

    This was a great test. glad i tooked it

  8. Creed Ekerberg

    It said is there gravity in SPACE not on the moon

  9. 1234567890

    u r correct it is easy 100%

  10. Isaac

    This is a great test for your brain and it also helps you understand if you get it wrong

  11. Alberto

    This is great to test you’re knowledge …

  12. nathan dunlap


  13. nathan dunlap

    ya i got 9 ot of 9 on my first try and i did not know all of them

  14. Kally

    |( )/ FLAWLESS
    / \

    • nathan dunlap

      good for you

  15. gavin h

    in order for light to not escape a black hole it would have to be faster than light. nothing but dark mater is. it is highly unlikely that dark mater is created when a star collapses (how black holes are made) it creates dark matter. black holes suck because the sudden change in gravity/lack of object in space creates a sudden suction sucking all in its gravitational pull to suddenly move towards it. they then collide and destroy each other. light does not get affected by gravity/ vacuums. so that questions answer is wrong.

    • person101

      or maybe u just mad about getting it wrong 🙂

  16. Evan R

    still to easy

    • Subhiksha

      I know right!!

      • 1234567890

        true that

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