Sports Contract Secrets

By Abbey Tiderman 05.08.2015 interact

Think pro athletes get handed megabucks as soon as they ink a deal? Think again. Without the demands of agents, players would be making a lot less.

But big contracts don’t come without conditions. Find out how athletes win (and lose) major deals. Take the quiz.


Behind Sports Star Contracts

What do athletes agree to when they sign their contract?


  1. Derp_is_Bruh

    I think they Should get the big bucks because when they work hard for the sport that they play. Plus if they wanted to they could Donate some to Charities for kids with cancer or other things

  2. daniella hendrix

    I think that they should get the big bucks because they work hard for the sport that they play. and plus some of these sports actually cause injuries and they could donate to charities if they were nice

  3. Mia Bolechowski

    I think that the pro-athletes should not get “big bucks” for inking a deal it just doesn’t seem fair too all the others.

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