Quiz: Preventing Common Sports Injuries

By 09.14.2016 interact

Spend the end of a game benched with nothing but an ice pack and aches to keep you company and you’ll know: Sports injuries are a pain.

You don’t have to have been sacked by a 300-lb. lineman or beaned by a wild pitch to get there, either. The vast majority of sports injuries are sprains and strains — and they could be prevented by taking a few simple precautions.

Do you know what they are? Check yourself with our sports injuries quiz before you hurt yourself permanently.


  1. Muhammad Ramzan

    I have pain when i playing football or other sports. How do I stop my knee pain?

  2. jasmeaira

    yea i like to watch all sports games and i just love to watch it and when i get old enough i will continue on playing sports that i love:)

  3. colin dillingham

    i think they should have kids wear pads in most sports so that they don’t get hurt.

  4. Teven Hanson

    Make sure you drink a lot of water and healthy food. Milk and bananas help a lot.

  5. mekenzy

    i use to play soccer and next year i hop to play football and i will try and make sure that i am safe and protected

  6. Mystery women

    How do I stop my knees from hurting after soccer practice every Night?

  7. Gunner Wolfe

    Concussions are bad so in football you should put more padding in your

  8. damien harris

    they need to improve the gear and need to trine more so they can get better at the sport and beet anther team so they can win.

  9. Ashlyn Pont

    I think that more people play sports then they get more injuries come.

  10. kannon

    if you think concussions are so bad than just put a concussions halmet for foot ball in prove the gear

  11. bryanna

    I think that the sport’s should be still their.

  12. Ben Williams

    Channel One News Is great for teenagers to learn about the world Great Job Channel One News!!!!!


    one injury can do a lot…like me

  14. Jason

    Love the show and games I am definitely watching it everyday even if we don’t at school

    • jordan prairie

      me too i just don’t watch the shows everyday but i love channel 1 i always have something to do :((((((((

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