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By Tonka Dobreva 09.28.2017 interact

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  1. Lana

    Channel one is cool

  2. melia

    i love channel one news they always have awesome next big things and also include different parts of the world and you most likely to learn more from channel one then any other news

  3. Troy Elliott

    Me and my classmates watch this everyday I even watch it at home

    • Serina cummings

      my class does to

  4. Yesenia

    I❤️ChannelOne news. It’s the best news I’ve ever seen.

  5. Yesenia

    Channel 1 news is the best. I watch it every single day

  6. Gracie Howen

    hi i love ChannelOne News its the best

    • trinity

      i agree

  7. Maddy

    I love Channel one, and I can’t believe teachers didn’t show it earlier!

  8. Kenlei

    I love channel one and so dose mrs racis class
    GO CHANNEL. ONE!!!!!!

  9. Satin Mathena

    I your shows please can you make more videos?

  10. noah perez

    1st year watching but everyday happy to see channel one news

    • Elliot

      Yes, my class loves watching ChannelOne News!

      • Kenlei

        My class loves it so much

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