Summer Art Programs for Teens

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Have summer plans yet? If you love getting your hands dirty expressing yourself with creative activities, you may just want to trade in Snapchat for ceramics, sculpting, drawing, and painting for a few weeks. Summer art programs across the country allow you hone your skills and discover new ones, while you build a portfolio, live among and forge friendships with fellow students, and receive guidance from professional artists and designers specializing in a host of exciting art forms. Sessions range in length from a few days to several weeks, and culminate in a final exhibition. Here are a few options to explore.

Snow Farm

The New England Craft Program at Snow Farm is based in beautiful Williamsburg, Massachusetts. The program provides one-on-one instruction in classes like Painting and Drawing, Glassblowing, Woodworking, Flameworking, and Metalsmithing and Jewelry, and also prioritizes self-directed studio time and field trips to area galleries and museums.



Summer Art

Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles California combines foundation studio courses with specialization classes including Painting, Product and Toy Design, Fashion Design, and Print Making and Urban Art. They welcome all passionate art students whether they want to house on campus for a five-day program, or prefer to attend two- or three-day sessions without staying overnight.


Cranbrook Summer Art Institute

The Cranbrook Art Museum in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan provides a scenic summer escape where students immerse themselves in various areas of art including Dark Room Photography, Sculpture, Product Design, Architecture and Illustration.


Summer Art Studio

Run by The Southwest School of Art in San Antonio TX, this half-day program for students ages 14 to 18 offers unique morning and afternoon classes including Print Making, Medal Studio, Tapestry Weaving and Paper Animations. There’s no overnight housing option at this program, which brings per session costs down significantly when compared to other live-in programs.


While summer art camp tuition fees may seem on the high side at first glance, most include the cost of tuition, room & board and art supplies, and many offer merit and need-based scholarships. That said, cost doesn’t need to get in the way of your creativity this summer. Many public art institutions and nonprofits provide free art workshops for teens, including summer programs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York City. Do note, however, that the clock is ticking on summer 2016 registration for both free and tuition-based art programs though, so if interested, certainly get the application process rolling sooner rather than later!





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