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Most teens could use some extra cash in their pockets, but recent studies have found that employment rates for teenagers are at a record low. An increase in competition for jobs means that it can be harder for young people to find a position. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Check out our list of ways to find a new summer gig.

Government Sponsored Programs

Every year, the government sponsors programs across the country that encourage businesses to hire teens. Visit these sites for more information on the requirements and how to apply.

  • Department of Labor Summer Jobs Bank

Look here for jobs posted directly through the U.S. Department of Labor. You can search by the posted date to make sure you’re applying to the newest jobs.

  • Summer Youth Employment

Several states and cities, like New York, Conneticut, and Illinois have Summer Youth Employment Programs, also known as SYEP. There’s no directory for all of them, but a quick Google search of your state, town, or city plus “SYEP” will let you know if there’s one close by.

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Online Job Search

Though walking in and asking for an application is still a valid way to look for jobs, most employers encourage people to apply online. Here are a few sites you can use to start your search.

  • Hire Teen

It can be hard to figure out which companies and stores hire young people. Hire Teen lists all the companies that accept applications from kids 14-17 and gives you details on how to apply. From supermarkets to camps, they have them all.

  • Snag a Job

As one of the bigger job search engines, has a teen category that allows you to search for job listings in your state that are open to teenagers.

  • Career Rookie

Unlike other job search sites, Career Rookie is only for entry-level jobs like internships and part-time retail employment, giving you fewer listings to sift through.

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Create Your Own Job

Another way to make money in the summer is to create your own gig, whether it’s baby-sitting or selling extra stuff around the house. Read on for ways to generate your own money this season.

  • Pet or Babysitting

If you’re good with kids or pets, you should definitely consider a sitting job. The market for these positions is especially good in the summer when kids are out of school and adults are taking vacations. is one of the best sites for these positions, and they also offer advice on how to get started in sitting.

  • Start a Business

Summer is a great time to try out entrepreneurship. Check out our article on cool business ideas, or take the time to finally work on your own.

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Try an Internship

Internships are both a great way to get experience in a career field and a good thing to have on your college applications. Think you want to be a nurse? Try interning at a clinic to see if it’s what yo really want to do. Take a look at these resources to help you get started on your internship search.

  • is a site that partnered with the White House to get more youth into the workplace. They list thousands of internships located all over the U.S. They also have helpful articles on topics ranging from financial literacy to resume building that will help you get the most out of your experience.

  • gives you all the tools you need to get a summer position at an office you love. Try their Internship Predictor quiz to get an idea of the kind of internship you should be looking for that matches up with your skills and personality.



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    I got to dream job 1 is to work at dinsey wolrd and my 2 is to work at channnel one news fom TREVOR THOMAS.

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