Quiz: Super Stress Busters

By ch1c0nta@ctus 09.26.2016 interact

We want to know how you deal with stress. Do you go for a long run? Talk to your best friend? Let us know!

Then, take the quiz to understand the science of stress and to learn how you can relax.

Sources: “BAM! Body and Mind,” by the Centers for Disease Control, with thanks to the Federal Resources for Educational Excellence by the Dept. of Education.


  1. emmakitty

    I find that the helps me. Also just lying down.

  2. Caitlin

    I find it very hard to get rid of my stress. I’m constantly under pressure with school, sports, family, etc. Kids definitely have too much on their plates these days


    when im stressed i hangout w friends play with my dog or listen to music

  4. Bree

    When I’m stressed I normally keep to myself. Try to be myself to myself actually. Thinking always do. But hey, everyone’s different. (:

  5. Dalton

    When i am stressed i will exercise listen to music or hang out with my friends.

  6. camcam5082

    I usually take deep breaths , calm down and think good things

  7. tiffany

    i usually just listen to music or go outside

  8. Carlos

    I usually lie down and take deep breaths. I listen to music and drink plenty of water.

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