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Citizenship Test

By Tonka Dobreva 05.20.2018 interact

Joining the British royal family isn’t only about the glitz and the glamour. To become a British citizen, you’ll have some studying to do. Below a few of the questions Meghan Markle will have to answer. Take the test and let us know in the comments section how you did.


  1. Melissa

    The quiz was very nice i like testing my knowledge on British history and culture

  2. SuperGirl

    I really enjoyed this is quiz even though I got only 2 correct (20%) lol!
    Thanks for putting this on Ch1!!
    From, SuperGirl
    Ps. You guys are awesome… I learned so much from you! Thank you!!!

  3. llama


  4. llama

    That was a hard test!!!!!! But fun!!!!!!!!

  5. catalina

    haha I did terrible I got 1/10 oh and I did it in 6:43 seconds i did so good #Rollingmyeyes #DIdsogood #I’mdonewith#s { 8-D ya sorry i dont use #s that much. You can tell right!!!!!!!8-D

  6. Jerzie Johnson

    I got 100% I got all of them right I learned a lot today.

  7. ethan

    im so good i got 20
    percent lol

  8. Faith

    10/10, I know alot about the british

  9. 6-2

    Our class enjoyed taking the quiz! Thank you!

  10. Ahnika

    thanks for the quiz. just gave me some info on Great Britain.

  11. Eli Iliria

    !0/10 in 52 seconds first try! Great quiz.

  12. Ciqhia Reinhardt

    This quiz really tested me and my friends about how much we know about this amazing country.
    Great work! Thanks!
    Mr.Hills 4th grade class

  13. Ms Toscano's Class


  14. zachary finn

    100% 1 try

  15. Maddie

    My cup is half full/empty. I got 5/10 right. Well, guess I’m not marrying any royalty anytime soon. LOL!! 🙂

  16. Noah Swinney

    Cool quiz

  17. Eddy Nelson

    This was fun 😀

  18. Jeff

    I got 70PERCENT

  19. Randy

    Why is the event so big, it’s not worth it

  20. nikolaj pedersen

    i it was a good test to take so i could know what to study for the eogs

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