Teacher Appreciation Week: Give a Shout-Out to Your Teacher!

By Tonka Dobreva 05.03.2017 interact

May 8-May 12, is National Teacher Appreciation Week. What better way to celebrate than giving a special shout-out to your favorite teacher! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Record a video shout-out to your teacher
  2. Send it to BeOnCh1@channelone.com

Then make sure you tune in and watch the show on May 9th to see some of the shout-outs featured on the air!

And if you need some extra inspiration, check out the great submissions we’ve received from CH1 viewers in the past!



  1. Hailey

    I give a shoutout to my 6th grade math and social studies teacher at Evans city middle school in Pittsburgh pa. Thank you Mr.Bell for always making class to fun. Also thanks for not giving up on us :))

  2. Grant Olson

    Thanks Mrs. Krammer and Mrs. Marks!!!

  3. Grant Olson

    Thank you Mrs. Marks and Mrs. Krammer for helping us get to Middle School. We are so grateful!!!

  4. Grant

    Hey my friend and I have a shoutout to our 5th grade teachers Mrs. Krammer and Mrs. Marks who helped us get through the school year. Thank you so much!!!

  5. Tyler Weisser

    Shout-out to Mr. Mitchell

  6. Zykya Shipman

    You already know Mrs.Botkin my fav

  7. Ashleigh

    Mrs.Graham is the best teacher ever. She was so helpful and helped me learn so much. She was so kind and made me look forward to school everyday. She made learning easy. She loved her job so that made her even better. I will always remember her as a kind person!

  8. Ellie Madsen

    I would like to reunite with my Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Sanderson the reason is because she is very nice helping and very funny, and my favorite teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Geralyn

    I would visit my kindergarten teacher Mrs.Bursak because she was always nice and never yelled and if you were to go visit her now she would give you a hug. If you were to see her in the hallway she would say hi to you.

  10. Peyton. A

    I give a Shout out to my 5th grade teacher Mrs. Lommel in Buffalo, Mn at Northwinds
    Elementary. She always made learning so much Fun!

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