Technology Meets School Fundraising

By Tonka Dobreva 10.05.2014 interact > Impact
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There’s an app for almost anything, so why not school fundraising?

Every year schools across the country have to come up with new ways to raise much-needed money to fund things like sports and art programs. Bake sales and raffles are popular, but they can take a while to plan. Luckily, there are three new companies whose apps are trying to make fundraising both easier and more efficient.

For those who are into online shopping, Goodshop has come up with a great way to turn those purchases into fundraising dollars. Once you connect your preferred stores to the Goodshop app, every time you use it to shop they get a referral bonus that they’ll split with your school.

If you have tons of clothes that you’ve outgrown, Schoola has a way to turn those too-small shirts into profits. Send in all your old clothes that are still in good condition, and they’ll post pictures of them for other people to buy. Whenever your stuff is sold, your school will get a cut of the money.

Finally there’s Shoparoo, which turns those receipts filling up your wallet into cash. Just submit pictures of your shopping receipts and they’ll reward you with points that add up to real dollars. Then they anonymously send your purchase data to research companies, and and get paid for the service.  A percentage of what they earn will then go to your school.
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  1. Amber bowden

    Why not

  2. Jerry Woods

    I say no, because how are you going to use technology when your doing door – to- door fundraisers.

  3. Ms.Swedlund

    I think it’s not because it need to be hands-on. We need to do it ourselves because it would be more fun.

  4. Katelyn Monroe

    since most people use an app for almost everything, this could make a big difference in the money schools earn.

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