Beginner’s Guide to Cooking

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We already showed you the basics to a quick healthy lunch. Now it’s time to get comfortable in the kitchen and learn the essentials of the culinary arts with our beginner’s guide to cooking.

Rock Nutrition in the Kitchen

First up is an awesome video that gives you ideas on how to prepare a simple, healthy meal and dessert at home. So easy and fun!

The Ultimate Cookbook

Download this complete cookbook designed specifically for teens. You’ll find instructions on measurements, the essential food groups, how to stock up your kitchen and how to cook anything –from eggs to pasta, to a delicious light cheesecake.

Culinary Quiz

And now things heat up with our cooking terms quiz. Do you know what it means to “coddle” your vegetables?  Challenge your foodie knowledge with this (kind of hard) test.

We’re always looking for new recipes in the Channel One office so be sure to share your favorites below.


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