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Think you have to jet set in order to be an explorer? Think again. Exploring isn’t limited to boarding a plan and flying over a large body of water, rather, it can take place right where you are. In the United States there are many teen programs that allow you to explore different careers that will increase your level of responsibility and awareness of your community. So, take a look at the many teen explorer programs available for you right now:

1. Lollypop Farm. Have a sweet spot for animals? Lollypop Farm is an open-admission animal shelter that through their teen explorer program gathers 14-18 year olds and helps them discover various aspects of shelter life. The programs covers many topics, including veterinary medicine, animal care, animal training, adoptions, and forms of educational outreach. So if you are someone that would love to explore the many ways to help sheltered animals, drop Lollypop Farm an email and learn how you can get started.

2. U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Say you wanted to cross over to Canada for vacation. You would encounter the border control before you could do so. These are law enforcements personnel that check and secure the borders between the U.S. and other countries. These are also people whose careers you can explore through the U.S. Customs and Border Protection program.  It is open to teens ages 14-21 and offers opportunities to build character and good citizenship. You can also participate in passenger processing, observe vessel searches, assist in crowd control at airports and seaports, and watch and help out with surveillance operations. Pretty cool!

3. Bodhi Youth of America. Inhale, exhale, and be calm. This teen explorer program is designed to give a holistic training community for teenagers the ages of 13-15. It will inch you closer to embracing life, learning social and leadership skills, focusing on flexibility, and of course, most importantly, concentrating in school. And with relaxation comes the fun. You will indulge in activities such as hiking, biking, nature walks and charity projects.

Though Bodhi Youth of America explorer is located in Caliornia, you can research similar youth explorer programs in your neck of the woods.

4. National Geographic. Have a knack for nature and travel? The National Geographic holds a Student Travel Destinations program. It contains five types of programs: conservation in action trips, photography workshops, expeditions, community service, and an on campus program. Each can run from 11 days to three weeks. And you’ll have the option of visiting countries such as Brazil, Iceland, China, South Africa, and many more. Visit the 2015 Student Travel Destinations website for more information.

5. Fire Department. Ever wanted to ride aboard that red truck with its blaring alarm, ready to climb off and extinguish some flames? If so, why not explore being a fire fighter? The Los Angels Fire Department holds an explorers program (you can find others in your area) for 15-21 year olds interested in learning about carers in the Fire Service. The program’s main goal is to provide young people with a sense of responsibility to their neighborhood through community related activities. You will learn fire fighting skills, ladder techniques, wildland fire fighting procedure, and the correct use of fire fighting tools and equipments. You could even get the chance to ride along on an engine or truck! How cool is that?

Photo credit: Los Angeles County Fire Department

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