Meet 10 Teen Inventors Who Will Inspire You

By Tonka Dobreva 02.18.2016 interact

Everyday we hear about new inventions and innovations, but we rarely hear about the people behind them. More and more, those inventors are young people just like you who are finding inspiration in the most unlikely places. Check out our list of ten teens whose creations changed the world.


1. Paul Hyman

As the creator of a device that saves lives and got him a free ride to college, Paul Hyman has a lot to be happy about. After volunteering as a firefighter, he designed a new mask for firefighters that uses infrared cameras to help them see through the smoke. Thanks to this invention, Clarkson University offered him a full-ride scholarship to attend their school.



2. Frank Epperson

Proving that accidents can sometimes lead to big ideas, Frank Epperson is often credited with creating the popsicle at age 15 when he left a cup with soda powder, water, and a mixing stick out overnight, turning it into the frozen treat now eaten by people around the world.



3. Brooke Martin

At 12 years of age, Brooke Martin created the ICPooch, a way for pet owners to remotely give their pets treats and check in with them via video chat. The device was well received and at the age of 14, Brooke beat out thousands of other tech inventions to win GeekWire’s first-ever “Inventions We Love” challenge.



4. Ann Makosini

At only 16, Ann’s science fair project became the talk of the science community. Using the idea of thermoelectrics, Ann created a flashlight that is powered by holding it in your hand. For the 1 billion people in the world without access to steady electricity, light that you can power with your body is a life-changer.



5. Marian Bechtel

You might not want to quit those piano lessons just yet. While thinking of a way that people could detect undetonated land mines more easily, 17-year-old Marian realized that sound waves could be the answer. She was inspired after seeing how the strings of her banjo would vibrate whenever she played the piano, and her minesweeper has won several awards.



6. Suman Mulmudi

As the son of two doctors, 15-year-old Suman knew how important it is for some people to monitor their heart rate. So he used his summer vacation to research and create the Steth IO app and phone attachment, which not only monitors a patients heart rate, but also doubles as a stethoscope.



7. Angelo Casimiro

After realizing how many people in the Philippines had trouble getting access to electricity, Angelo Casimiro had the idea of using people’s footsteps to power phone chargers. So he designed a special sneaker that charges your phone as you walk, reducing the need for electricity.



8. Ryan Oliver and Johnathan Kingsley

British students Ryan and Oliver have solved the problem of falling asleep with the TV on and missing a show you really wanted to watch. They created the Kipstr, a bracelet that starts recording a TV show once it senses that the wearer is asleep. They hope that it could also be used to turn other devices off, like lights and heating systems.



9. Jack Andraka

At the age of 13, Jack Andraka lost a close family friend to pancreatic cancer. So he began researching the disease, and eventually discovered that there may be a way for doctors to test people for the cancer before it becomes fatal. Since his discovery, now 18-year-old Jack has appeared on countless TV shows and gave his own TED talk.



10. TJ Evarts

Not many 19-year-olds can say the president has tested their invention. TJ Evarts, inventor of the Smart Wheel, has had his invention presented at CES 2015 and test-driven by President Obama. The Smart Wheel is a device that turns any wheel into a touch-pad. It allows drivers to get directions, send texts, and change their music without ever taking their hands off the wheel.


  1. Cynthia Taylor

    My 16 year old grandson has ideas for new patents. He draws them out complete with springs, levers, and measurements. What can we do now? How does he take the next step? Any advice?

  2. Deon

    I was inpsired by number 7.All you have to do is walk to fet power and its an great way to get execrise

  3. me

    I think that they did a great job making the world better.

    • myself

      I know I love my world

  4. rivershade

    these kids have really changed the world for the better, I hope these teens give you the courage to do something great

  5. Ella Franklin

    These teens are really inspiring for young people who don’t know what they want to do in life

  6. Ethan Stevenson

    Wow these kids are brilliant. These inventions seem like they are really helpful. I have a couple ideas, but I don’t have the money or supplies. They would also be difficult to program and build.

  7. Libbi Tharp

    They created everything that we use or eat

  8. Avery tarrent

    i really like brooke martin because i love my dog but on the weekends i don’t like getting up so with a remote control that give a treat to my dog

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    Cool article, but not my type of thing to do in my life more running around my town instead.

  10. emma

    they are smart

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  11. abi moses

    These teens are really smart and are smart for thinking of these things. One day these inventions could make them billionaires.

  12. Connor Swank

    These teens are really smart and they know what they are doing. Also the thing that they are building could also be used in the future in one point at a time.

  13. Connor Swank

    These teens are really smart and they know what they are doing. Also these things could be used in the future.

  14. James Bonila

    i think that these people ere super smart because once i was in their position i loved inventing stuff like a carriage with a bigger back that could carry to 5 year old with strap ins on the bottom #i’mwithahmed

  15. Sidney Woods

    I want to be an inventor because it can benefit me in the long run. If I am able to be as half as good as those kids I would be so happy. There life can change the generation of the better. Shoutout to St. Monica Freshman Class of 2018

  16. corey butler

    These people must have a great family and great friends to support these geniuses

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