The Cardturner by Louis Sachar

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The Cardturner by Louis Sachar

Uncle Lester is diabetic and has recently gone blind because of his illness, but this has not curtailed his passion for the card game bridge. He needs someone to drive him to his regular games and sit in with him to tell him the cards he’s been dealt. For Alton, this is less than an ideal way to spend an afternoon, however, he soon finds out that Uncle Lester may have more to offer than a curmudgeon attitude.

Incorporating the logistics of bridge strategies, which the reader, much like Alton, will discover can be much more exciting than they sound, The Cardturner is unique and, something quite special.

About the Author

b>Louis Sachar is the author of many children’s books including the Newberry award-winning Holes and the Marvin Redpost and Wayside School series. He was born in New York, moved to California as a child and now lives in Texas. He graduated from law school and worked as a lawyer before his book began to support his family. He is an avid bridge player.

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