The European Union

By Tonka Dobreva 05.03.2016 interact

What’s the EU and what it does? 

The European Union is a political and economic partnership between 28 European countries. Each of these countries retain their own separate languages, rich cultures and intersecting yet independent histories, but agree to participate in a democratic system of laws and policies affecting a range of issues, including international relations, human rights and European quality of life. The EU has grown in complexity, size and influence throughout its existence and continues to evolve according to the decisions of its voting member states.

Learn more about the history and current state of the EU with this quiz.


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    Channel one news is so amazing it’s my favorite and it’s like the only one I’ll watch

    • Anna Wilson

      I definitely agree

  2. Mrs. Robinson's History Class at Iuka Middle School

    We love Channel 1 news! The quiz was very informative and helped us to better understand the EU. #CH1isepic

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