The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd

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After a mysterious stranger gives Salim a free ticket for a ride on the London Eye — a ferris wheel from which you can see most of the city — he disappears. In a race against time, twelve-year-old Ted, with his sister Kat, use their special skills and perceptions to discover how their cousin Salim disappeared while riding the wheel.

Ted, who seems to have a form of autism that gives him a unique view on the mystery, makes for an intriguing narrator. And, the mystery itself proves to be surprisingly captivating, making this pick a page turner.

About the Author

Siobhan Dowd was born in 1960 to Irish parents. When Dowd received an invitation by Tony Bradman to contribute a story about a Pavee (an Irish Traveller) to his collection of short stories for children about racism called Skin Deep (Puffin, 2004), his new career as an author of children’s books began. In 2007, Waterstone’s identified Dowd as one of the top “25 Authors of the Future.” Siobhan Dowd died in August 2007, aged 47.

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