Quiz: Test Your Financial Know-How

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In 2014, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found that American teenagers have below average financial literacy when compared to teens in other countries. The OECD tested 29,000 students in 18 countries, and the U.S. teens fell between eighth and twelfth place on the list.

According to the study, 1 in 6 American students do not reach the baseline level of financial literacy, and many of them could only recognize the simplest financial ideas. Which is a problem, because balancing a checkbook, maintaining a credit card, and saving money are all important skills for college-bound teens.

Want to test your financial know-how? Take the quiz to find out if you have what it takes to manage your money, and share your results in the comments!

The Money Master Quiz

You want to make money? Understand how finance in this country works first.


  1. Dakota Johnson

    i got 7 out of 11

  2. anna

    i got 10/11 i am very good with money bc my grandfather taught me about how to deal with money at a young age

  3. Quintin

    I’m very bad with money I got 9/11

  4. Kassidy Elliott

    so I’m bad with money by a lot.4/11

  5. shelby daniels

    I only got 3/11. Wow, I wonder where I am going to be at when I’m an adult!

  6. Bobinns :)

    3/11 omg im so worried for my financial future lol

  7. SchazeIT

    I can’t do dis!!!! HELP!

  8. Kotlon Jones

    2 out of 10

  9. hannah


  10. Megan

    Guess i’m good with money!

  11. cailee fye

    i got 3/ll im bad at math

  12. cailee fye

    i got 3/11

  13. Paige

    So im bad with money 6/11

    • cailee

      im bad at money to 3/11

    • star

      its okay

  14. Sir Shadow

    5 of 11, I guessed them all.

  15. Marcus Beatty


  16. Jeremy Finkle

    I Suck With Money

    • tyler


  17. Ivan L. Mendez

    it was okay

  18. Caden Conner

    very educational!
    (easy extra credit for school)

  19. kelly

    so I am not good with my money?

  20. live to learn academy

    this was a very educational test thanks channel one 😉

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