Sports Injuries

By Abbey Tiderman 09.15.2014 interact

From recreation teams to pro sports, athletes put their heart, soul and bodies into every performance — sometimes at a price. Take the quiz below to familiarize yourself with sports injuries and even discover some things you can do to avoid them.


  1. Trinity

    Man I got 2/7

  2. Blango_Boy3

    8/8 in yalls face

  3. Mahmoud Younis

    i got 3/8 i am surprised of this i play a lot of sports and this is what i get i need to be more careful.

  4. Alexandra Ferrera

    5 out of 7

  5. rjfoxen

    I got 7 out of 7 its not surprising that a lot of people get hurt in high school

  6. rileigh foxen

    most people get hurt because sports aren’t safe

  7. L. Messi

    I have also gotten all of the questions right, which that means i’m better than Ronaldo… at soccer

  8. Ilovechannelone

    Everyone just stay inside and none of this will happen

    • Jeff


  9. Dylpickel

    I win I got seven out of seven

  10. Aaron

    That’s dumb cause if you change the way they play football then that’s not the real game of football that’s basically just two hand or pulling a flag. Also if u did change it then it would mean getting rid of billions of dollars worth of equipment.

  11. lonnie davis

    75% wow

  12. Daniel Elliott

    Question 5 is REALLY weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  13. Hunter

    I got a concussion this year from football, it lasted 2 weeks. All of my friends were joking about it but it’s not that funny. 🙁

  14. Logan

    I think they should make the penalty more advance in football.

  15. Abigail

    Football is dangerous

  16. Ricardo

    i got all of it right bit that im the best won gogogogogogogogog

    lol lol lol lol lol lol

  17. Ricardo

    It’s a nice quiz but the foot ballplayer poor player that have to risk there life.

    and next year i have to risk my life to .

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