Top News Stories of 2016

By Tonka Dobreva 12.13.2016 interact

What a news year 2016 has been! Starting with the roller-coaster of a presidential election that made both history and headlines — Hillary Clinton became the first female candidate to land a major party ticket, went on to win the popular vote, only to lose at the end, in an unexpected turn of events, to president-elect Donald Trump. The political surprises didn’t stop here — Great Britain held a referendum which determined that the majority of those who voted want the country to exit the European Union — a move nicknamed “Brexit.”

2016 was also the year of games — the Rio Olympics brought about just as much excitement as the launch of the new Pokémon Go game. But it wasn’t all about excitement and joy– the year also saw war and tragedy. Bombings shook Syria as violence swept through country; terrorist attacks struck the U.S. and abroad, and attacks against police officers at home increased by a staggering 67 percent!

We asked you to vote, and the results are in! Here’s how you ranked this year’s top 10 news stories: 

  1. 2016 presidential election
  2. War in Syria
  3. Pokémon Go launches
  4. Rio Olympics
  5. Orlando terrorist attack
  6. Russia election hacks
  7. Attacks on police officers increase
  8. Dakota pipeline protests
  9. Flint water crisis
  10. Gravitational waves detected, confirming Einstein’s theory
  11. Paris Agreement on climate change signed
  12. Brexit


  1. Drew

    What about the killing of Harambe? Triggered.

  2. Stygi Reed

    Bush hacked the election not Putin

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