Top News Stories of Summer 2015

By Tonka Dobreva 09.08.2015 interact

As you saw on the show today, the news doesn’t rest during the summer — plenty of hot topics made headlines during the past three months. From the US Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage to the tragic death of a beloved lion, to the unprecedented migrant crisis that is hitting Europe — we did a roundup of the top stories.

We want to know which story you thought was the top story of Summer 2015. Vote and let us know what you think in the comments section below.
We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show.


  1. levi

    I think the Iran nucular story is the top storie

  2. logan dutton

    I think that we should just take away all of Iran’s nuclear they don’t do something stupid.

  3. Hannah

    I think that the Isis story was the biggest and most important of 2015 because people were risking their lives to try and save their country.

  4. Avery Faulkner

    I think they should keep woman off the money and keep the recent presidents on the money.

  5. ezekiel gillette

    i think it is really cool that we now have images from Pluto because they sent that picture taking satalite

  6. Ebin

    The murder of Cecil the lion is the most important. Cecil just had cubs, so now, the next lion in charge has to kill the cubs, its part of nature. Cecil was very important to us, so we need to arrest this man for killing Cecil. I dont know if these actions are legal, but they shouldnt be.

  7. sam

    i think woman and men should have money so they can buy whatever they want

  8. Aaliayah Mingo

    I think Charleston Church shooting was the most important because 9 innocent people were killed for no reason. To kill in the church in a church of god is a sin. One of the 10 commandments is Thou shall not kill.

  9. Aaliayah Mingo

    I think Charleston Church Shooting was the most important because 9 people were killed in the house of god and that was wrong because ir is a sin to kill

  10. Anonymous

    Cecil the lion is most important. People loved him, only to have Cecil murdered.

  11. Emily

    I definitely think that legalizing gay marriage is the biggest thing that happened over the summer. The United States has always been referred to as equal, but we really weren’t. There are still some things that hinder us from being completely free, but this just made us one step closer to reaching our goals.

  12. Austin Johnson

    I think everyone should be treated equaly because they can not help it it is not something you learn they just love who they love and I think it should be leagalized .

  13. TyG

    Actually Europe migrant crisis is the most important because it had a negative and positive.

  14. jade

    Gay Marriage is obviously the top story. People should be able to love who they want

  15. Robert

    I think gay marriage is most important because it has to deal with everyone in the us.
    Most people of the US supports gay marriage because it will make everyone equal.
    There has been comotion about gay marriage and it has changed the United States of America and the places around it.
    Gay marrige will also take a toll on the persident.
    It will take a big toll on America.

  16. Jesse Lescallette

    And people say american don’t care about soccer.

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