Traffic School

By ch1c0nta@ctus 09.17.2013 interact

Before sliding behind the wheel, make sure you’re road ready. Learn traffic rules and test your car smarts in the quiz below.


  1. sarah

    love it 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. tjasajcj

    i think that this is a good thing to do i almost got hurt bye a teenager when my dad was driving so this would be a great idea 🙂 😉

  3. Haley

    Your car is yours and your freedom, your parents need to trust you more not hover over you that is to much pressure.

    • tjasajcj

      i think they should but you do make a good point

  4. Nicole

    I think that this an amazing thing, yeah it’s stalking, but your parents are worrying about your safety that’s why they are doing this. This is also great for elderly people because they may not be able to go out of their hometown or city they live in. So this monitors their speed and where they are going.

  5. Dylan dukes

    I think it’s not right because it seams like it’s stalking and if someone gets your phone they can track you down

  6. Zach brown

    I don’t think we should have that becouse what happens if your parents lose their phone and someone else finds it and knows were your at.

  7. Haley

    Kids already get yelled at why would we want that in the car, I mean I get it but that sounds like a stacker.

  8. Cheyenne Breeden

    Driving is very important and it could increase job workers.

  9. kelsey-vicnent

    I understand why people don’t want to drive because it cost money and it is pollution but everyone needs to get a license.

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