Understanding Hurricanes

Posted on: 06.03.2014 in interact

Ever wonder how a hurricane gets a name?

A list of names is created every six years by the World Meteorological Organization and as disturbances develop into tropical storms, they are named based on the lists — which makes tracking and identifying them easier for weather experts.

The lists are alphabetical and they are assigned to storms in that order. If a name isn’t used in a particular year, it’s recycled to a list for the future. However, when storms are particularly destructive, the names are retired.

Want to know more about Hurricanes? Take our quiz below.


  1. logan willman

    i got 70% this test is smart on your guys is part

  2. Katherine G.

    I got all of them correct!!!! 10 out of 10, 100%, yay!!!

  3. Olivia

    I suck I got a 60%. This stuff is good to know though.

  4. Eliza

    I failed

  5. Jonathen Davis

    This test was fun and it will tell you what a hurricane can bring when it hits.

  6. Braylan Ronk

    I love Channel one and Maggie.

  7. Jeff dunum

    Do a call out for me please.

  8. blake bringedahl

    I got 10 out of 10 first try

  9. Jared.romang

    Turns does does terry up stuff and people can get hurt in turnadoe

    • Braylan Ronk

      What does that mean?

  10. grace

    that was hard

  11. tony

    how strong it is

  12. Ms. Lamberton's 7th Grade Social Studies Class

    Hey Channel One! We scored 10/10 on our first try…OBVIOUSLY we should be hurricane chasers!!

    • Jeff

      On my first time too!!!!!

    • Braylan Ronk

      Good job. We got an 80%, I guess we will be safe at home. God speed on your hurricane journey. P.S. Live a great life.

  13. Alex Brown

    My students are the best!

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