Quiz: Understanding Terrorism

By 09.14.2016 interact

For hundreds of years, people with conflicting — and often radical — ideologies have turned to committing acts of terrorism.

Take the quiz to find out how terrorism came to exist and how it has changed the world.


  1. Keelyn Wilkerson

    This is bad and something that needs to be taken care of. I just wish that there was a way to stop all terrorism.

  2. Jordan. Erickson

    Terrorists are not allowed to be able to be in the United States.

  3. Ellen

    I had no idea that a terrorist attack led to WWI

  4. cALEB

    I heard that the California attack is the worst attack since 9/11

  5. jayden

    i learned that sept 11 was the worst attack i got 9/10

  6. Yahir


  7. esteban

    i never knew that there are 25-35 terrorist attacks worldwide everyday

  8. Victor


  9. asael

    i think i didnt l,earn anything ;)jkjk

    • david


    • Aaron


  10. Juan

    I never knew that in some terrorist groups kill there own natives

  11. a non o mis

    GG all of u its good to see everyone is learning something new.

  12. kaiden

    i got 10/10

    • Aaron

      me too :]

  13. Mornaka

    I got a 10/10 :D. I learned that Sep.11 was the worst ever terrorist attack.

    • Victor

      wassup miguel

  14. kaiden

    this was a great quiz and very mind boggling but i got 10/10

    • kevin

      hi i got 10/10 yea

  15. Elijah

    This was really helpfull !

  16. Mornaka

    I got 10/10 :D. And I learned a lot. I learned that Sep.11 was the worst attack of the terrorist ever.

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