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By Abbey Tiderman 10.23.2015 interact

In the midst of the death, destruction and exertion of brutal force in World War II by Germany, Italy and Japan, over two dozens countries came together determined to stand up to the Axis Powers as the “United Nations,” a term first coined by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. By 1945, a set of guidelines and principles known as the UN Charter was ratified and 51-member states officially became the United Nations.

Over the past 70 years, the UN has acted not as a government for the world, but as a collection of countries dedicated to upholding that charter, and the UN’s many agencies around the globe work to promote peace and security, support development and protect human rights.

How much do you know about the UN? Test your knowledge with our quiz below.

Then, if you are curious, check out everything you always wanted to know about the United Nations!


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  2. Bhea Jesoro

    I got 12/12 yayyyy

  3. Bhea Jesoro

    I got 12 yayy

  4. Logan

    I only got 7 right

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  6. kiara

    i only got 7 correct

  7. Tyler P.

    This quiz is boring!!!

  8. cakruger

    I is right to give the stun tent the test trying there best in the world.

  9. MiAngel Burton

    Way to many test cut it down

  10. Sam McIntyre

    This is very interesting. But they have a long way to go 🙂

  11. gabrielle

    I do not think so because you could not be good.

  12. Lesley

    Where is the UN

    • Elias

      The UN is all over the world. The United States is in it. Japan is in it. China is in it. England is in it. Sierra Leone is in it. Congo is in it. Kacistan is in it. Germany is in it. Canada is in it. Iceland is in it.

    • Ross Pearn

      The UN’s headquarters are located in Lake Success, NY. But if you’re asking there are 193 countries involved in the UN.

  13. carabear408

    kinda easy lol im a smartie

  14. Caiti Turner

    It was cool!!!

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