Unusual Teaching Methods That Work

By Tonka Dobreva 05.07.2017 interact

As kids get access to more and more knowledge, media and technology, schools across the world are finding that they have to switch up their teaching methods to keep students interested. Some are obvious, like adding computers to the classroom, while others are truly creative and even a little unusual. Keep reading for the interesting ways teachers are helping their students to learn better.

Work and Play at the Same Time

Have you ever played basketball during science class? For the students at Monskeaton High School, it’s completely School Children In Classroom At Lessonnormal. Their school uses “spaced learning” in their classrooms, a way of teaching in which the kids play and exercise for ten minutes, then go back to their desks and learn a lesson for eight. According to studies, these regular breaks mean that kids don’t start spacing out and they focus more on their work.

Video Game Lessons

The first thing students at one school district in Scotland are given when they come in for school is a Nintendo DS. Before they can start their day, the students are required to play a session of the “More Brain Training” game. Since implementing this method, students have showed higher math scores and better focus. Good way to convince your parents to give you more game time!

Hip-Hop Education

Almost everyone agrees that it’s easier to remember song lyrics than vocabulary words. That’s why some teachers have begun setting classwork to some easy to pick up rhythms of hip-hop. Those using the method have found that students focus more and get excited about learning. Hip-hop education also uses rap battles, as opposed to giving quizzes, as a way to get kids to show how much they’ve remembered.

Learning Optional

School Children In Classroom At LessonWould you ever go to class if you didn’t have to? At the Summerhill School adults and kids are viewed as equals, and students can’t be forced to go to class if they don’t want to. Instead, students are encouraged to decide how they want to spend their time, even if it’s playing the whole time. According to the school, it teaches them to take responsibility for their education.

Praise Pods

Singers have the Grammys, actors have the Oscars, and now students at some schools have “praise pods.” Whenever a student does well in class, they go to a praise pod where they tell a recording camera about their achievement. Afterwards the video is either shown in assembly or put onto a DVD and sent to their parents.  Many teachers have found that the kids find their videos inspirational and work even harder so that they can get into the pod.

Do any of your teachers use unusual teaching methods in class? Tell us about it in the comments!


  1. Christina G

    I think that a “flipped classroom” is a really good idea because a lot of kids get stuck on homework and sometimes they have nobody to help them, so I think it’s really beneficial that teachers can help them if they have questions during class

    • emma brannon

      you are so right about this

  2. priya

    i believe everyone should have that but not everyone have a place to learn so lets work on that first then work on getting computers for that mess

  3. Jordan

    I think that it would benefit our schools and improve our grades so I think it is a really good idea

  4. Jordan

    I think that this would benefit students more working together to help each other out and it’s a better learning experience

  5. Laura

    I think that these new teaching methods are more fun, effective, and efficient. More kids will learn and be intrigued if it’s on the computer. It also makes class time more useful if part of the lesson is filmed online.

  6. dylan

    i like the ideas

  7. Ivan Poindexter

    i think the idea of online learning is good because some people spend more time online than others, so they can learn while having fun

  8. Ashton White

    I think that idea is really cool and I hope that something like that would happen at my school in Ohio licking valley

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