Veterans Day

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Veterans Day is an official holiday in the United States observed every year on November 11. On this day, we honor the people who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces, also known as veterans. Veterans Day was first celebrated in 1919 as a mark to the end of WWI.

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  1. Maria Nicopolis

    I am so proud of our veterans they rule. Just want them to know that I love them.

  2. Tia

    my dad is in the army and my grate grandpa was in the army and my moms grandpa was in the army(war war2)

  3. taylor hadley

    i am really proud to be a american because i have more freedom in country and i like the people

  4. Olivia S

    I am proud to be american i still cry inside when i here about this

  5. Esmeralda Solis

    I really tahnk God for all those lifes who work hard to make us feel safe and protect us. They all have made a great job and I hope they enjoy this day on side of their families. God bless to all of them!
    American proud of all of those amazing sweethearts people that think on us!

  6. Lincoln

    I’m glad we have people to protect our country

  7. Hayden

    Thank you for protecting our country

  8. Hayden

    Thank you for protecting the country

  9. lmeraz


  10. Mrs. Oldani's class

    We salute our country’s veterans and soldiers.

  11. Sawkalu taw

    Hi good

  12. madison

    I am proud to be an american

  13. Madelaina Luca

    I am proud that the army is serving our country

  14. Leadership Preparatory Academy

    We are all proud to be an American. We think veterans deserve this day from all the protection and services they have provided for citizens.

  15. Mercedes Herrera

    proud to be an american i love all of you guys that served us all of these years!! <3

  16. Altair (from the first game of AC)

    Why do we say in bad pics of Americans ‘I’m not proud to be a American’ but when we see a picture with a soldier in it we say ‘ I’m proud to be an American ‘ like really I’m proud to be an American either way .Show some respect for your country.

  17. jaron bachman

    Proud to be free because of those who served and serving the United States !!!

  18. jaron bachman

    proud to be an true American thanks go out to all the veterans that served !!!

  19. Ed Morgan

    I’m Proud To Be A Patriot!

  20. Ej morgan

    I’m proud to be an american

    • Madelaina Luca

      i am glad that people are serving our counrty.

    • heather anderson

      i’m proud to be a american because i am free’ than you people who have surved for our country

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