Video Explainer: Myanmar or Burma?

By Tonka Dobreva 02.07.2017 interact

What’s in a name? Some sources — such as the U.S. Government — call Myanmar by its former name, Burma. Others — such as many journalists — use Myanmar. Review this Channel One News Explainer to explore the issue further.

For Teachers

Consider the issue of name choice—Myanmar or Burma—in the context of Media Literacy. The choice of name can tell readers something about the author’s point of view. Have students meet in small groups to discuss the following:

  • Why does the government of Myanmar prefer the country’s new name?
  • Why do many governments officially use the old name, Burma?
  • The Associated Press and most other U.S. news outlets say Myanmar. Why would they make that decision?
  • The advocacy group Human Rights Watch uses Burma. Why do you think this type of advocacy group chooses that name?
  • Which name do you think journalists and other countries should use? Why?

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  1. Kelly

    I would like to live there

  2. mill

    I would hate to live there.

  3. kathryn

    In the past there was no freedom, everyone or people that spoke out or did not believe in was the military believed in they would get put in jail cells where they were physically and mentally abused. And now there is steal the jail cells for people don’t believe. She was charged

  4. Lizzy

    I think Burma is better because it is what the people that live there think.

  5. Megan

    Myanmar, I would LIVE there!

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