Video: Our CH1 Reporters Give Shout-Outs to Their Favorite Teachers

By Tonka Dobreva 05.11.2017 interact

Our anchors give shout-outs to their favorite teachers and share how these educators have impacted their lives and careers.


  1. Jesenya Vigue-Bryant

    My favorite teacher’s are Ms.Mendrano and Ms.Levrier. They both were very inspiring and would never let a student down. Ms.Mendrano was always very hopeful and always happy.Ms.Levrier on the other hand was always so interactive and so funny.

  2. JoJo Siwa

    My favorite teacher is my 6th-grade literature teacher, Mrs. Curley. Because she is super nice and she taught me a lot of things that I never knew. Because of her, I am in a whole new world of education. She is my passion and my angel. And she loves me and my classmates. She used to greet us every day with kindness and she was a bystander for me and she taught me what the true meaning of a true student and bystander was. I loved literature and reading. When I first started her class, I never knew her and everyone kept telling me how nice she was. To this day, I will love Mrs. Curley for the rest of my life and forevermore. Ms. Curley was my helper, my ally. She was such a good teacher and all those kids who mentioned her about how nice she was, they were surprisingly right. I give Mrs. Curley lots of credit for all the things she taught me and that she is a great person.
    Mrs. Curley encouraged me to be a star and to be a good friend. She was a fixer upper for me and I hope that she teaches other kids the same thing they taught me. 🙂 Thanks, Mrs. Curley!!!

    • Jesenya Vigue-Bryant

      My favorite teacher is Ms.Levrier and Ms.Mendrano from my 5th grade year. They both were really awsome and super cool. But what made them different was thst Ms.Mendrano gave me alot of hopeand courage.Ms.Levrier gave me alot of my personality because the one thing she would always bring-up is tha don’t let anybody bully or mees with you. Thanks to Ms.Mendrano nd Ms.Levrier I would’nt be the person I am today. Thx !!! from your student Jesenya Vigue-Bryant. 😉 c=

  3. Jacob

    Mrs john is the best teacher ever

  4. Captain Phasma

    Ashley McGhee

  5. Bailey

    My favorite teacher is Mrs. Brown because she is there when me our any of my classmates are sad. She loves all of us and deserves a shout out.

  6. hailey

    Mrs Duvall

  7. hailey

    Mrs Duvall and Mr sprinkle

  8. carter bistodeau

    my favorite teacher was mrs.steege

  9. devin bradshaw

    best teacher evetr hold world nicole jeacb

  10. devin bradshaw

    teacher best other like i grade the year nicole jeacb

  11. Kenna

    my favorite teacher was Ms.deRijke she helped me when was having a bad day and she was there for me every step of the way through middle school. Thank you Ms.deRijke

  12. sander

    Mr.murphy is the best teacher ever!

  13. tony

    stay happy

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