Video: Snapshot of the Brain in 60 Seconds

By Tonka Dobreva 03.14.2017 interact


“Professor” Arielle walks you through the different parts of the brain and explains the function of each one. Learn about the frontal lobe, the parietal lobe — and how eyesight is processed in the brain.


  1. Jamel Jordan Furious


  2. Dylan Scott Somers

    The frontal lobe.

  3. Kalyn Troutman

    I think the part that controls your mood and actions is the most important part of the brain.

  4. Mrs. McNeil's 7th Grade Class at Camden-Frontier School

    We think the frontal lobe is the most important because it makes you who you are!

  5. rebecca

    i think the whole brain is important

    • will

      I agree because you need all things in your brain

  6. Michael Farmer

    I think the whole brain matters because are whole body was created to work with one to do stuff. So if you take out one art you create a less efficient body or in this case a brain.

  7. Mrs. Presco's class

    The part of the brain that controls breathing is pretty important. We also think the memory part is vital. Having your eyesight it pretty cool…the temple helps to control your thinking. We also like the parts that control balance and hearing. WE LOVE OUR BRAINS!!!!!!!

  8. Michael

    Or the frontal lobe…..being able to choose wise decisions is probably the key part of the brain

  9. GeekMonkey13

    The paritel lobe

  10. Joseph Tolbert

    I think at the brain stem and the cerebellum

    • Jojo

      I think you’re cerebellum.
      I’m curntly on crutchs so I’m pretty sure im missing mine.

    • Michael

      I agree….if I had to choose it would be the cerebellum….sure your eyes are very important but being able to do things with or without your eyesight is more important

  11. Kameron

    Cool/eye sight

  12. Rocio

    Yes, no more loosing notes for me

  13. Mrs. Johnson's First Hour Class

    We think all parts of the brain are important. But if we have to pick just one, we think the frontal lobe is the most important because it controls decision making, personality, and cognitive behavior. These three things shape us into who we will become.

  14. Sam Lawson

    Memory is the most important part to learn and remember things. Memories help you feel better when you are sad.

  15. Kaylen Lane

    I’m so excited to learn more about the brain! Thanks for the information!

  16. Ayenne

    Hi,I think it’s the first part of the brain which is personally,decision making and cognitive behavior because that’s what makes us be true to ourself and be confident on who we are.

  17. Beth B.

    The most important part of the brain? Probably the Frontal lobe. Decision making is one of the most important things we can do… and where would we be without personality?

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