Video: Tom and Maggie Talk Food and Culture in Iran

By Tonka Dobreva 11.11.2015 interact

Tom and Maggie talk about the culture in Iran, “Middle-Eastern hospitality” and what their favorite food was — watch the video below to find out more:


  1. Maddie Howard

    That looks very cool!!! #FOODSINIRAN

  2. Tallulah

    I think everyone should get a taste of ethnic foods. Iran’s food looks yummy!

  3. Daknotica Randolph

    i find this intresting and cool i love channel one news

  4. chandan raj


  5. Yazmine

    I think we should not have seat belts they at uncomfortable and can leave bruises and marks on the skin.

  6. Logan

    It depends which way you look at it. The way i look at it is both. Yes because it’s a step closer to saftey and saftey is the main priority. If you look at it the other way it might be because if a semi is headed straigt for you on the side and you can’t get your seatbelt undone that would be bad or the seat belt might be gross from the person who sat there last. So it depends which way you look at it.

  7. Aleena

    I am also a Muslim but I am from Pakistan. Muslim foodings are the same no matter where you live.

  8. Aleena

    We should have seat belts on buses because I have a crazy bus driver and we have to sit 3 to a seat it seems like I’d fall off

  9. Noah Walters

    I think it should stay the same because only four people die every year so NO!!

  10. Andrew Duke

    Yes because the rate of people dying needs to decrease.

  11. Nova Flintrop

    I would love to try Iran’s food. it looked so good!

  12. Connor H

    That looks so good!!!!!

  13. Julie

    Hmm Iran must have good food! How as it ξ ・_>・)

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