Video: What Happened When CH1 Reporters Gave Up Their Phones for a Day

By Tonka Dobreva 03.29.2017 interact

Arielle took away the phones of our Channel One reporters for an entire day. Watch what happened next..


  1. McKenzi

    i think i can never give up my phone

  2. danonfulwiley

    i thank my phone in my life lol

  3. Lanesha young

    I can do it but my new iPhone 7 plus is my whole life

  4. Lanesha young

    I can give up my phone for a week

  5. jayleigh

    I like channel one news.

  6. xander king

    ha ah ah

  7. Taea Waller

    Haha! I had to stay home
    From school because I severely sprained my ankle. But this
    Made my day amazing 😀

  8. Nada Rahal

    lol this is so fake no one would actually react that way….

    • hannah Spencer

      Never because my phone is my life

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