Video: What Happened When CH1 Reporters Gave Up Their Phones for a Day

By Tonka Dobreva 03.29.2017 interact

Arielle took away the phones of our Channel One reporters for an entire day. Watch what happened next..



  1. Lakota Parrent

    its not that hard go outside there is so much stuff to do fish, swim, run, play sports

  2. Colten

    I wish i had a phone

  3. Random person 6395512

    I can go 10 years without a phone

  4. Olivia LeeAnn

    I can NOT live without my phone for an hour, lol

  5. James

    I don’t need a phone; I just need a kendama and some peace and quiet.

  6. cory

    love it

  7. dora

    like it

  8. dora

    come on

  9. valeria

    I cannot live without my phone at all.

  10. redwolfio

    hahaha i cant live without electronics for a minute

  11. Lucky 24/7

    I could live without my phone for 3 months

  12. kylee spain

    its easy to live without a phone but i have a laptop not a phone just help out around the house thats what i do take some advice

  13. Alex

    I dont even have a phone and im 13

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