Video: Women’s Rights in Iran

By Tonka Dobreva 11.02.2015 interact

In this video commentary, Maggie and Tom talk about women in Iran and their rights under Islamic law. Watch the web extra below and learn what women in Iran are required to wear and how both Maggie and Tom got in trouble for breaking the Islamic dress code.


  1. zander

    women should get the same laws as the men and that must suck to have to wear that thing on your head every day outside.

  2. payton

    they woman should get they same rights like men do

  3. brooklyn

    thats sad

  4. brooklyn

    do you little girls have to wear it to

  5. Jennifer g h

    It is not fair for the woman’s in Iran and it doesn’t give the woman’s some rights and it is a awful law

  6. Javeon Brown

    that’s not right in Iran women half to cover their skin & women can’t be around men & man can’t be around women unless they are married!!!!!!

  7. Sarah

    Goodnight channelonenews

  8. Samantha

    Wow Iran’s rules are so stricked they need to lay off on the head scarf thing

  9. Topher Belmont

    Wow, people in Iran have very different laws then us in America. I feel so bad for Maggie

  10. Jaydin Thompson

    I believe that women should be treated to same/equal as men. Maggie has to do all of those things in Iran and tom just had to have his legs covered, he didn’t have to ware a head scarf, he didn’t have to worry about his head scarf falling, he didn’t have to do all these thing and it’s no fair I know it’s their religion but I believe women should be treated equal.

  11. Mrs. Larson's class

    We miss you Scott Evans!!

  12. Dominic

    No, I think the rights will stay pretty strict.

  13. seth cormier

    I think that the woman should have more rules throughout the state. And they should let there hair move freely and able to show there face

  14. Aeden page

    Do little girls have to wear it to

  15. Allan haviland

    women should have more rights in Iran

  16. Allan haviland

    women in Iran should have more rights

    • payton

      the woman should have the rights that men do

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