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Volcanoes in Washington, Hawaii and Alaska put the United States in third after Japan and Indonesia with the most historically active volcanoes in the world. Play the game to learn more.

*Please note, unfortunately this game will not work in Internet Explorer. Please try a different browser, like Firefox or Chrome, to play.
**Please also note that at the end of the game, clicking “more disasters” will close the page.


  1. Brian


  2. Brian

    Lame why would you what to do that.

  3. caleb


  4. Chris walker

    I think this is AWSOME because you can make a bigger boom! Than the cloud of ash in Iceland.

    • jenny

      I thought this was really cool! I learned about volcanoes in school and I thought how you can change your eruption was great!:)

  5. wub


    • BillyBobJoe


  6. Charlie

    it cool

  7. Charlie

    It is cool but its kinda boring jurassic park operation genesis is WWWWWAAAAAAAAYYYYYY BETER! I hope some other people are like me.

  8. Cool guy

    Only the most awsome thing evrrrrrrrrrrrr

  9. Cool guy

    soooo cooooooollllll

  10. Justin Hoyt

    I like that you guys leave little games and other stuff i find it really cool

    • bree

      could have been a little more realistic but what ever. its pretty cool

  11. mikayla

    they all do the same thing lol

  12. sarah

    love the make your own volcano

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