Vote: Are 3D Crosswalks the Next Big Thing?

By Tonka Dobreva 12.10.2017 interact


At a first glance, this crosswalk might seem like an optical illusion — but it’s actually street art. 3D crosswalks are an initiative that started in a small town in Iceland, aiming to slow down traffic and reduce pedestrian accidents. The innovative crosswalks use 3D images and shading to fool drivers into believing that they are approaching a floating barrier, forcing them to reduce their speed.

So what do you think — are 3D crosswalks the Next Big Thing? Vote and tell us your opinion in the comments section below. Or submit your video comments to We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show!


  1. brody

    it wouldn’t help at all because once the drivers discover that its not real they wont stop and billy bob said that people are distracted by their phones so they wont see them

  2. Alexis

    I think the 3D crosswalk is the next big thing because then that will prevent people from getting hurt or ran over. People will stop and will be thinking that the 3D crosswalk will damage their car if they keep on going. So, I think the 3D crosswalk is a safe thing for people.

  3. Nicole

    I think that they are the NBT because they can protect a lot of people. and you gotta admit that they are pretty cool.

  4. colton

    no it will not be worth it

  5. colton

    if someone stops at it it could cause blind ness or cause traffic

  6. Journi

    I think no, because it can be very distracting to drivers, and we may not even get the point out there because we could create a more dangerous enviroment for pedestrians.

    • Reagan

      It would be the next big thing because a lot of people get hit by cars every day so it would be safer because people driving would pay more attention to the road.

  7. Hannah Barber

    yes I think the 3D cross walk is th next big thing 1 because it is cool and 2 because it will be safer for kids to go across the road and 3 Because it will slow down traffic.

  8. angel asbury

    yes it sure is because it will help them to stop if they don’t do what the law says they will get arrested and it help them to learn how to drive even better like my dad always said.

  9. Jordan Premkumar

    A lot of people end up in the hospital just because of having accidents. The illusion is a fun way to fool those lousy, lazy drivers. So yes!!!

  10. Charlotte

    I say yes because drivers will want to stop to see if the cross walk is actually 3D.

  11. hey

    Yes because it would stop drivers from going to fast and not hit fellow pedestrians.So yes

  12. Hunter

    No, my time is walk then

  13. Destiny

    Yes,3D crosswalks are the next big thing because it is a way of drivers to slow down , and people will not get in accidents as much as they do now.

  14. Daniel

    Yes walk it out

  15. BenneyTheAwesome

    I don’t think it should be the next big thing because it could cause confusion and a traffic jam.

  16. Alex

    I vote no because people could swerve to try to miss the optical illusion or slam on the brakes and cause a big crash

  17. Adriana Duncan

    I think that the 3D cross walks are not the next big thing because for one when people walk over it they might think its floating and they will try to fall off. Also 2. If a car stops they might think that something is there and they might get hurt or get in a wreak because they will think that there is something there.

  18. Summer

    That’s such a good idea! That is definitely the next big thing, because if it will help decrease deaths than I say go for it!

  19. Billy Bob

    It wont matter, people wont see these either. They are too busy looking down at their phones anyway…

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