Vote: Are You More Likely to Attend Class If Your Attendance Is Being Tracked?

By Tonka Dobreva 02.17.2015 interact

On the show today you learned about Class 120 — a new app that tracks college students’ class attendance. Downloaded on a smartphone, the app alerts students, parents and designated third parties when a class has been skipped. College isn’t a cheap investment, and proponents of the college tracking technology say that “attendance is the most accurate predictor of success in a college class.” But some students feel that an app like this suggests that they aren’t trustworthy.

We want to know your opinion. Are you more likely to attend class if your attendance is being tracked? Vote and tell us what you think in the comments section below. We will feature on the show the results of the poll and some of your comments.


  1. perry142

    this is just what the school systems are doing now. to me this all is just not okay and plane wrong. in my state if you miss a week of school you will be arrested. so i go to school, so i wont have to be put in jail.

  2. adonika

    I think my parents should trust us because if they dont trust us whats the point of them trusting us in college??

  3. goodgal2

    That is kind of intimidating! I would go to class if I knew I would be caught in dead tracks for not being at school.

  4. lover10025

    why would your parents pay if they don’t trust you to sit in class if you don’t need that class

  5. Samantha Foor

    I would be in class more often because I would get in trouble, but on the other hand I wouldn`t like to be tracked by my parents because I think they should be able to trust me.

  6. SkylR

    I wouldn’t go to class anymore than I would without the app because I would always go to class unless i accidentaly slept in but they would have to understand that nobodys perfect.

  7. jeffery waters

    i would more likey show up in class when my attendance being tack because then your parents get a email and then your parents get mad at you because you cause them money.

  8. jwaters12301

    I would more likey show up because your parents know and then they get mad at you because you cause your perents money so don,t skip class.

  9. jwaters12301

    I would more likey show up because your parents know and then they get mad at you because you cause your perents money.

  10. Tony.S

    If I was being track I wouldn’t like it. I fell like i’m a responsible young adult. The purpose of college is to learn to live on your own and accept responsibility for your actions, and I just think that tracking device defeats the purpose.

  11. Sean Bledsoe

    No, because I am responsible for my own attendance. Plus, I haven’t missed a day of school since I was in third grade. Now I am in fifth grade.

  12. Carson

    I think yes because I don’t want my mom and dad down by not attending classes and then I would get into trouble at home and at school

  13. Lucas Q

    Yes, I would be more likely to go to class if I were being tracked. I think that students should be tracked so if they are about to skip class they know that someone is watching them. The tracking app will remind the students that someone is watching them if they decide to skip class. Also the students should realize that skipping class is just a waist of their parents’s money and time. Its our responsibility to go to class.

  14. Adrian A.

    I think attendance should be tracked because if people are sick they have to have an exuceded to be sick and from not going to school. I think that with the app if they tell the parents their son didn’t go to school they should call the school and tell them that their son is sick. Also collage should care because the parents are waisting alot of money in the schools. Like if they don’t go to school they should give the kid another day to like catch up and learn what they where missing. Like they make a Saturday a school day because they where absent that day so they don’t fail collage

  15. makaila

    I think that if my parents tracked I would be on time and if it wasn’t I would probably be late and if they did I woul now that they would now that im on time or not and that would be ausome because they would be proud

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