Vote: Do you think the name “The Founder Generation” represents young people today?

By Tonka Dobreva 12.03.2015 interact

Every generation has a name — after the Baby Boomers came Generation X, then the Millennials. Now, MTV has come up with  a name for the post-Millennial generation, and it’s the Founder generation.

The network sought the opinion of 1,000 kids who were born after December 2000, and the respondents came up with 544 names, the Founder generation being the winner.

In an interview, MTV President Sean Atkins justified the chosen moniker, saying that “while millennials have disrupted society, it’s this new generation’s job to rebuild it.”

We want to hear from you — vote whether you think the name “The Founder Generation” represents young people today. And if you don’t think it does, tell us in the comments section below what you would choose as a name. We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show.


  1. BrookeLyn

    Yes, because in this generation, we are finding a lot more important things in life

  2. kiki


    • BrookeLyn

      I think that it should because we are finding a lot of things that are important in life in this generation

  3. Montana

    We should not be the founder generation because we have yet to make the newest tech and there is nothing that people love more than tech
    -Montana Pierce Mrs. Bevoroths class

    • grace

      i think we should not call it that it depends on what we do or what we would say so just call us the teen superhero generation

  4. Jacob

    I don’t think we should not be called “The Founder Generation”. Let me explain, we have not (yet) made anything that would have revolutionized the world technology. And two. It just sounds weird (no offense), it makes me feel like the name doesn’t fit in with our generation, I think think it should be like “Thinker Generation” (beacuse we are intelligence, independent, beings coming up it new idea of the future).

  5. Nico

    We should just be called MLG Generation (Major League Gamer) cause it seems like the only thing our generation is really good at

  6. No

    I don’t like this name because there’s so many other names that can relate to use other than “the founder generation”. There’s such names as “selfie gen”,”squad gen”,”aloha gen”,”Disney gen”,and more! This is a smart idea and yes it is hard to come up with good name but this name dosent personally relate to me or to this group of 2000 people. People these day are related to phones,clothes,games,technology and just more than founders of these things. Adults made phones,buildings,technology; not the kids of this generation. That’s why I don’t think we should be called,”the founder generation.”

  7. Frosted flakes

    We should be called the future generation because, we are the future.

  8. Luna Winters

    NOOOOOO. We should be “Acceptance Generation” for we accept things more easier in our time than other times. Another suggestion would be “Libertatem Generation” where Libertatem means freedom in Latin and in our generation, we have more freedom to express ourselves and show our true self to the world. SO NO FOUNDER GENERATION.

  9. Libertatem

    I don’t think this is a good idea because like many of people said we didn’t find many things. I like the generation name Liberatem (freedom) generation or cyber (we have so many electronics people use) generation.

    • Luna Winters

      whoever you are, Thanks for agreeing with me on the “Libertatem Generation”! I wanted to show that we had both freedom and it had an intelligent ring to it, to show that we can express ourselves and be smart.

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