Vote: Is It Disrespectful Not to Stand During the National Anthem?

By Tonka Dobreva 08.29.2016 interact


San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick recently made headlines, and drew criticism, for not standing up while the national anthem played before a preseason game against the Green Bay Packers. Kaepernick has said he was protesting on behalf of the “people that are being oppressed” because of their race and that “police brutality” was one of the reasons he did not stand up to honor the national anthem.

Some of Kaepernick’s teammates have agreed with his message but not necessarily with his method.

“That’s his right as a citizen,” 49ers coach Chip Kelly said in an interview. “We recognize his right as an individual to choose to participate or not participate in the national anthem.”

Critics, however, call the move “un-American” and say it’s offensive to our country.

Now we want to hear from you — do you think it’s disrespectful not to stand during the national anthem or it’s a right to freedom of speech? Vote and tell us what you think in the comments sections below. We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on air!


  1. Laurelei J

    I think that he is not being disrespectful because we all have a right to free speech and the right to peaceful protest. I think that it is more respectful to our country if we stand up and try to fix problems instead of just blindly going along with the all the problems that our country has.

    • P

      Why during the anthem ?

  2. Gunnar L.

    I think that yes it is disrespectful, but that he has the decision to protest in this way if he wants to, there are no laws against it.

  3. xavier swanson

    it is very rude and dis respectful

  4. KeairiahB

    I think it is extremely disrespectful not to stand during the national anthem. The reason I guess it affects me so personal and etc. is for one I have had family in the military and I have friends in the military right now and they go out everyday and risk loosing there life fighting for our freedom and for you to just protest on something that everyone does not have in other countries which is freedom is totally disrespectful and etc. with that I plan on going into the marines and knowing that people don’t respect having freedom makes me hurt so much on the inside and etc. …

  5. Abby NWMS

    Yes it is because if you don’t stand then you’re not showing respect

  6. briley

    I think it is disrespectful to not stand up. I will give wiggle room if they don’t take their hats of .

  7. Elizabeth

    As Americans, we were given the opportunity to succeed in this country. Football players are given the opportunity to use their talents to play football and get paid for it. The fact that an American football player doesn’t stand up when the United States of America’s National Anthem is playing is disrespectful. Also, men and women of all different genders, color, race, and religion continue to fight for our country. They are the ones putting their lives on the line for our freedom and democracy. To not appreciate what the country stands for is disrespectful. Yes, there are many things this country needs to change to fully reach equality for all, but at least we are heading in the right direction.

    • KeairiahB

      I totally agree!!!!

      • xavier swanson

        i agree

  8. Lily B.

    I trunk it is very rude because you should be proud of your flag and your freedom. Yhe United States has freedom and you should respect that especially because other countries don’t have as much as we do.

  9. Lily B.

    Yes if you’re a U.S citizen you should be proud of that because other countries don’t have the same freedom you have. It was very rude when they didn’t stand on 9/11 or even put their hand on their hearts.

  10. sarah.

    It may offend a lot of people, but that’s his decision. Personally, I’ve been raised to stand and stay quiet so I’m against doing nothing.

    • Kelemua

      I agree with Sarah. If Collins think that’s right, he should be able to stand for it.

  11. Carson JenkIns

    I think it is very disrespectful. If you are going to be in our nation and be a citizen, you should be proud of what this great nation has done for you to be in that situation!!!

  12. Sarah

    Its highly disrespectful because people died for our freedom and the flag shows freedom. You should ALWAYS stand for the pledge. Your showing disrespect if you don’t.

  13. nathan mckendrick

    its disrespectful to not stand
    people died for that flag

  14. Abigail

    Yes, because he is a U.S. citizen and he should worship that.

  15. Destiny

    No I think it’s disrespectful not only to America but to everyone around you.

  16. Courtney

    I think,my personal opinion,it is wrong.We should be free,but that crosses the line.All those people stood for us,died for us,and thanked us.

  17. Ella Morrison

    Not standing for the flag is very disrespectful because when you stand for the national anthem you are standing for the veterans who fought for our lives.

  18. Litzy Muro

    I don’t think it is rude not to stand up the national anthem because this is a free country.

    • P

      Others countries laugh at us for be disrespectful like this

  19. Angelina

    I do not think it’s disrespectful not to stand during the National Anthem because you have the freedom to stand or sit when you want to. Obama said it is a ‘constitutional right’

  20. Isaiah Savoy

    I think it’s highly disrespectful to not stand while saying the national anthem only because that’s away of thanking those who have died for us

    • Litzy Muro

      No it is not

      • Sarah

        Yes it is, it is very disrespectful if you ever heard of the war that went on for your freedom and for everyone’s freedom.

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