Vote: Do You Think School Bus Cameras Will Help Keep Students Safer?

By Tonka Dobreva 09.19.2016 interact

Many school districts have equipped school buses with cameras in an effort to detect incidents on the road– and in Austin, Texas recently a “shocking number” of reckless driving has been caught on camera. While cameras inside school buses are pretty standard, the new measure involves installing cameras on the stop arm outside to record drivers who pass school buses illegally –and subsequently fine reckless motorists.

Some say this measure will help keep children safer, while others say it’s just a way for the local government to make more money off of traffic fines.

We want to know what you think — will cameras on school buses help keep students safer? Vote and tell us what you think in the comments section below. The results of the poll and some of your comments will be featured on the show.


  1. Tasha Knittle

    No it will not cause all lot of kids on my bus stand up even me and the bus driver does not even care.

  2. Shaina

    No, I don’t think it will keep kids safer. It’s the drivers choice to pass a bus. just because there can potentially be a camera on a bus, I don’t think will make a student safer.

  3. Harleen J.

    Considering I ride a bus every day almost I feel safer with the cameras watching if i get hit by a car. So I think that the bus cameras are a lot safer.

  4. Joshua Crockett

    I’m against the usage of cameras on buses. Sure, cameras can be used as proof as to who did what. However, certain people have the ability to hack cameras. Using a camera on a bus can end up being used to stalk students to help criminals kidnap more children.

  5. Jack

    this will keep students safer because reckless drivers will want to avoid the fines and eventually follow the law

  6. maddie

    it wont keep them safer it will just catch someone driving past a stop sign or watch people almost hit kids

  7. Madison Bills

    Yes,Because I think that if they have proof they can make it a law.

  8. Sarah Roberts

    Yes, because it will let the police know that the people that don’t stop will have to pay a fine, or even go to jail.

  9. Sarah Lunning

    No, because you would not be able to see the person in the car if they did not stop and hit the child.

  10. Jason

    This is a hard question to answer. It’s like asking whether a person will stop at a stop sign. There are people who will and people who won’t. I see these cameras as less of a cure and more of a treatment for the problem; people will certainly react to a greater possibility of expensive tickets, but there will still be people who do not pay attention to or ignore the law, much like with stop signs. I have seen people both stop at stop signs and completely ignore them, and it makes me sad that so many people have so little concern for their safety and the safety of others. In my opinion, the problem actually starts at a young age, when a person is just beginning to get behind the wheel. At my high school there are so many people who ignore the rules of the road; in fact, I still remember the time I overheard someone bragging about how they broke 120 mph on a 40 mph road. Once a teenager develops driving habits, no matter how good or bad, those habits will stick with them for a long time. I see drivers who behave little better than my speed demon peer every time I get behind the wheel, and it makes driving that much more dangerous.

    • maddie

      sooo true

  11. Jacob

    I believe if schools were to issue cameras on school busses it would make things a lot safer but make other drivers angry and want to fight the ticket as they do for traffic stop cameras.

  12. Paul N.

    I think that school bus cameras are very important because the point isn’t for them to be seen, but to record any collision that happens so that a lawsuit could be very successful in the victim’s favor.

  13. Tommy Osborne

    This is a great idea and will keep children safe while going to the school bus.

  14. Lucas

    Yes. I think cameras would help authorities catch and fine people that speed, but if someone gets injured cameras can’t help much.

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