Poll: Do You Think You Could Manage Your Family Budget?

By Tonka Dobreva 10.01.2015 interact

You watched on the show our Wallet War series about students, just like you, who take on the challenge of managing their family budget. In 2014, Junior Achievement conducted their 15th annual Teens and Personal Finance Survey.  The study examined teens’ and tweens’ attitudes and behaviors around managing money. Here are some of the study’s key findings:

  • Boys are more likely than girls to get an allowance (67 percent versus 59 percent), giving them the opportunity to manage a budget
  • For many teens, their “budgeting tool” is their parents
  • In terms of budgeting habits, 77 percent of teen males say they don’t keep track of their money because they don’t have a lot of it; in comparison, 63 percent of female teens admit to not keeping track of their money

You can read the full report here.

Now we want to hear from you — do you think you could manage your family budget? Vote and let us know in the comments section below how you manage your money. We will share the results of the survey and some of the comments on the air.


  1. Ainsley

    Spend, don’t spend? Buy, don’t buy? That cool shirt, or the practically cheap one? Only buy what you need and go out every once and a while, and you’ll be fine. I definitely could do it.

  2. Naomi Frazier

    Yes, because I would only buy the things we need and get stuff like new clothes

  3. Caroline.larz

    Yes because I think we could not go out as much and not buy so much stuff we don’t need

  4. Mya G

    I don’t think i would be able to. I’m just a kid and a budget is to much for me.

  5. chase yarbrough

    heck no

  6. Mr. Estanislao's Class

    Half of our class feels we could take over taxes and manage the family budget. The other half of class feels like it would be too overwhelming and want to let their parents handle the money.

  7. Alexisordel

    Yes because I would make my mom not buy so much shoes
    And to tell my dad to stop buying so much junk food and get healthy foods

    • Sha Nae Nae

      I smart I can manage any money quarters nickells dimes and pennees

  8. baileybp

    i would not be able to do it i lied about my age i’m freaking 11 and my older brothers 12 and he would bully me or beat me up until i bought him stuff

  9. Kayla

    No, I don’t think I could manage my family budget. I personally am the type of person who doesn’t think before they buy. I know I would totally go way over the budget!

  10. sean

    yes I could but why should we.

  11. Mrs. Trrue

    I can do anything through Christ who gives me strength.

  12. Aiyana

    I possibly could We could cut back on junk food and extra items

  13. Kasheen

    My family eats a lot so I don’t think it will be possible to cuz down our budget.

  14. Kasheen

    I think we could manage our budget. We would just be spending a little less on items we want instead of need.

  15. MGlover

    I think I could do the job and save my family money. I know it is a difficult task but I could help my family cut back on some of the unnecessaries. I am up for the challenge.

  16. Emma

    I don’t think I could manage the family budget, I would be spending more on extra things that don’t matter like going out to restaurant and buying T.Vs.

  17. kimberly maldonado

    No , i would not be able to manage my families budget as hard i would work to pay everything & give my siblings money to go shopping it would be too much. i just realized how hard my parents work too provide us what we need & pay for bills .

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