Vote: How Do You Learn Better?

By Tonka Dobreva 10.18.2017 interact

As classrooms are going more and more high-tech, a new study reveals the difference in learning when it comes to reading digital and print. And the results may surprise you.

Researchers asked 90 undergraduate college students to read both digital and print versions of different newspaper articles and book excerpts. The participants then had to assess which reading format helped them comprehend better. The majority of students said they learned better by reading on a screen; however, when researchers surveyed them on key pieces of information from the texts, the students were better able to recall information they read in print.

We want to know what you think. Do you learn better by reading print textbooks or by reading on a screen? Vote and tell us your opinion in the comments section. We will reveal the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show.


  1. cole mcclain

    i like screens better because its more updated to today’s ways of learning

  2. Allison

    TEXT books all the way screens hurt my head and i get a head ache so TEXT books

  3. Olivia

    I think I like text books better because there easier to work with.

  4. Zack

    I strongly believe that reading on a screen is better than reading on paper, because its more interactive, it keeps the reader interested, and video inserts can be applied; which serves as a bonus for teachers because they can display the entire book on a Promethean board for all students to view/listen to, rather than worry about having enough copies for all the students to use. Another reason is that with electronic viewing of books, many of them have software that will read the words for/to students. This is especially supportive for children that have difficulty reading, especially if the words are highlighted when read making it easy for the reader to track, especially if the person is reading independently. do not have to gather an entire class (whole group) in order for everyone to listen to, due to not enough books available for all students. Reading on screen allows people the access to instantly view a book rather than having to wait to check one out (due to minimum copies being available) at either the school or public libraries. Paper books, on the other hand, kills more trees (which affects our ecosystem), and those books made from recycled paper are not as good a quality as printed copy of a book. in the long run it will destroy the purity of our air and kills the environment. Paper books can also be ripped, torn, cut, water logged, etc. Digital books can be downloaded and used again; they also can’t be cut, torn or ripped. If you had to look something up on your electronic device, it would only take seconds; whereas, paper books don’t have that capability. You will spend less time having to rummage around looking for the book than you would reading an eBook. Another plus, is that most teachers can assign electronic lessons to students. If a student does not have access to a computer, there are computer labs at schools and at the public library for use. you wold have to waste time getting the book you need and if it’s the wrong book you have to waste even more time getting the one you want.
    It appeals more to Millennials, because we are the tech generation.

  5. Natalie

    You will probably want to get distracted on a screen, so I like the textbooks!

  6. Orange Grove High School Science Class

    It was a 50/50 vote in our class. The textbook learners believe the information is more accurate and the books are user friendly. The screen learners like the flexibility of working on their home computers without having to lug textbooks around.

  7. kiki

    I think that it is way better to read on paper and if you do read on paper it will not only help you learn in a better way but it does not ruin eyes. It is also much easy to reread if you need to. It helps me to read better on paper.

  8. Eilidh!

    When your reading a printed textbook it is easy to flip pages and mark where you are. If you are reading online your eyes start hurting and it’s hard to scroll down to try to keep reading. Reading on paper is a lot better when you have all of the information that you need. Anyways reading something on paper is easier and better for your eyes.

  9. Teagan Thorne

    I learn better on paper than on a screen because I get distracted by all the adds that pop up. And the light will hurt my eyes after a while.

  10. Ryan Ray

    I think kids should read in books because when they need to flip a page they don’t need to measure with a mouse pad to change pages and the light from a electronic devices are bad for your eyes.

  11. Christopher

    in my opinion I feel it’s better to read in print then a screen because I may get distracted from an add or the screen may be difficult to read off of from it being too bright. But books hold more info and most may be true unlike some websites such as wikipedia you can edit and it is not a great site to go to for info

  12. Lydia

    When I read to long on a screen I get a headache and I loose focus on what I am reading. If I read on paper I am able to focus better because I don’t get distracted by adds.

  13. Tia Rochelle

    I like to read on a screen. Sometimes a text book doesn’t have everything I need to learn, and on a computer I have all the information that I need to be a successful student.

  14. Daniela ;)

    I think that reading with paper is more productive. Because when you use a computer you are more likely to wander into other websites, or topics. Reading using a screen for long periods of time is also bad for your eyes.

  15. Kanoe

    Reading on screens strains your eyes, and I find using computers and other electronics to be generally more distracting.

  16. Jared

    I read a ton better on paper, because I read more effective and I can remember the high information parts and the details

  17. Xander

    Personally, I actually have better luck on a screen. May be different for some, But I think reading on a screen is better.

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