Vote: Is Cardboard Gaming the Next Big Thing?

By Tonka Dobreva 03.04.2018 interact


For all you arts and crafts lovers out there, Nintendo has a new gadget that allows you to customize your gaming experience! Bring your favorite games into the real world  by building your own cardboard add-ons. By the magic of technology, your DIY creations are then connected and become part of the game.

So what do you think — is cardboard gaming the Next Big Thing? Vote and tell us your opinion in the comments section below. Or submit your video comments to We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show!


  1. darryl nails

    i do think this board game is the next big thing because it is challenging and it looks fun.

  2. bob

    it was good and i think it is the next big thing and i might get one

  3. Winter Frame

    This is a great idea, it’s more hands on and fun!

  4. Sam

    I would play play cardboard games forever if i like cardboard games

  5. Alexis Alvarez

    I think that cardboard gaming is the next big thing because you get to create your own things. I mean how cool is that

  6. Jack Angelone

    No, because it takes the fun away from actual gaming

  7. Alex

    No because I can’t play fortnite

  8. Regina :)

    Yes totally everyone is so caught up on their electronics and they have time to use toys or anything they can get their hands I think this is a perfect idea

  9. Roger crawley

    No because this makes gaming less fun and gaming companies might lose money and possibly their business

  10. Ash

    Yes, let’s play

  11. Patty helsley

    I’m patty Helsley from Williamsburg pennsylvania and I think the cardboard gamer is the next big thing

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