Vote: Is Plogging
the Next Big Thing?

By Tonka Dobreva 04.22.2018 interact


Next time you’re out jogging, instead of picking up pace, you can slow down and pick up some trash along the way. You’ll be quickly catching on to a new fitness trend that aims to keep both you and the environment in shape!

It’s fittingly named plogging (jogging while picking up trash), and it already has a following around the world, from Thailand to Scandinavia. Our Channel One News reporters tried it and had quite the bast!

So what do you think — is plogging the Next Big Thing? Vote and tell us your opinion in the comments section below. Or submit your video comments to We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show!


  1. Elias Grayson

    While I agree that it is very good for the environment to be plogging, I doubt today’s society will catch on to this trend because of how unconcerned people can be about the environment.

  2. catie roach

    No, because for some people who don’t know what their doing it looks weird.

  3. Sebastian Bookwalters

    I think blogging is the next big thing and we need to keep our world safe:)

  4. Destini Storrs

    Yes it helps our enviorment

  5. Destini Storrs

    This is a great idea. It helps our environment in many ways!

  6. Mandip

    No its not the next big thing, because not everyone would want to jog and pick up trash along the way. If they have to stop it might ruin their training or exercise.

  7. Alyssa Hernandez

    I believe that plogging is not the next big thing because, when people jog they get tired and if they stop to pick up trash i’m pretty sure they wont want to start again I know I won’t.

  8. Rich B

    Yes I think it is. And can you come interview our school mulberry middle in Florida.Let get the jog in and make the world a bit more clean.

  9. Peanut Jackson

    Plogging is not the the next big thing because who wants to jog and stop to pick up trash? its good for the environment but you would constantly stopping to pick up trash. P.S I LOVE YOU TOM HANSON!!!!!!!xD

  10. Mrs. Beegle's A.C class

    We think plogging is the next the next big thing because jogging is a good way of exercise and cleaning up trash will keep the earth clean and protect the animals.

  11. ralph

    well we really should do this nobody will it is the next big thing but not big little

  12. Joseph

    Yes so people can help our community , and and leave trash in the trash

  13. Dakota

    Yes to safe our world, and to keep us safe too!

  14. Hannah LeeAnn Tolle

    Yes! But, if we as human beings wouldn’t litter or throw trash on the ground we wouldn’t have to deal with picking it up. We should keep the environment clean and keep it clean we wouldn’t have to do this all the time.

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