Vote: Should Almond Milk Be Called “Milk”?

By Tonka Dobreva 01.23.2017 interact

Ever walk into a grocery store looking for milk and get confused by the variety of beverages labeled as “milk?” From almond to coconut, to soy and even rice — plant-based beverages have no dairy ingredients, but they are still called milk.

Now dairy producers and some members of Congress are speaking up, saying that these labels are misleading and are hurting the dairy industry. Legislators are urging the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to set restrictions, reserving the word “milk” for dairy-only drinks.

People who support the use of the term “milk” on dairy substitutes say that these beverages are used the same way as milk and in some cases promote the same health benefits as dairy milk. Therefore, they deserve the label “milk” on the carton.

We want to know what you think — should non-dairy beverages be labeled as “milk”? Vote and tell us in the comments your opinion. We will air the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show.


  1. mc ( morgan )

    no because when you go to the store there is regular milk and there is almond milk so you can get it mixed up.

  2. Rose

    It should not be called almond milk because they are two different milks, and some people may even have allergies

  3. aidan

    no because it is just can be called almond milk because there is a drink called milk

    • walker

      no because almond milk is better and it should just be called almond milk

  4. Lisa Hagelthorn

    Almond milk is a plant based milk. It is far healthier for us than cow’s milk so yes I think that it should be called milk.

  5. Gabbo

    Almond milk is not milk so no i don’t think it should be called ‘milk’. It should be called almond juice.

    • Reed

      Good point Gabbo Milk is from a cow not almonds. There is a reason almonds are called almonds and milk is called milk

      • Devin

        There is more than one definition of milk, one being the latex of a plant. So milk does not have to come from animals.

  6. Duyen jabateh

    I think they should keep the almond name because most people when they go to the store they just look for the lable and buy the item .Taking the almond name away can cause health issue because what if people are allergic to almonds and they just think it just milk

  7. Karlie

    I think it should be called milk because they both have the same concept and some people just drink almond milk as a substitute for regular milk

  8. Laila

    I don’t think almond milk should be called milk because almond milk is not milk or real milk

    • Emory

      Exactly, you do not null your almonds so why is it called ‘almond milk’

  9. austin

    The dairy industry and some members of Congress say the label should be reserved for milk from a cow, but many plant-based alternatives like soy and almond are called milk, too.

  10. Anonymous

    I said no, because for those who may not think it comes from almonds or soy and they are allergic to those two ingredients, this can be very bad if they have it. I think that they need to label it as a non dairy thing, because it can mislead people and while this may be healthier than cows milk, people with soy and nut allergies need to know that this is a NON MILK PRODUCT!!!

  11. Austin

    I say all milk is considered milk

  12. Thomas

    Almond milk is way better for you than cows milk. It doesn’t matter what it’s called. It has double the calcium and no cholesterol.

  13. ivan

    i think that almond milk should not be called milk because consumers can get confused of what there actually buying

  14. Martie Plaunty

    Almond milk should be called “milk”. What else would you call it,almond water or almond juice?See it wont work it sounds strange when giving it author name.So almond milk just fits it even if it is not dairy.

  15. Raynah

    No it can be confusing for people

  16. cowdy

    well, even if they did change the name of almond milk, would anything really change?

  17. cowdy

    yes because even if they did change the name of almond milk, what would the difference be?

  18. Brynn

    I think that it should just be called “milk”. It should just be called almond milk because it still contains milk. Plus, even though it is not complete milk, it contains almonds which still makes it milk.

  19. Roxi

    If people are so into labeling things completely appropriately, then let’s also label dairy milk completely appropriately as “cows breastmilk”! I’d love to see that on a label

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