Vote: Should Boys and Girls Play Against Each Other in Sports?

By Tonka Dobreva 09.27.2016 interact

There has been an ongoing debate whether girls and boys should be allowed to play against each other in competitive sports. Some say it’s perfectly fine to have teams with players of different genders face off. In fact, the Women’s Sports Foundation cites research that says “girls who participate with boys in youth sports are more resilient.” The organization goes on to recommend that, when teaming up for competition, skills and experience should take priority over gender. “Girls and boys possessing similar skills should be playing with each other and against teams consisting of boys and girls who are similarly skilled,” the Foundation advises.

Some opponents of mixed-gender competitive sports say that girls and boys of the same age have different skill sets — and boys have physical advantage as they are usually taller and stronger. Therefore if a girl team plays against a boy team, the girls will be at significant disadvantage. In addition, girls and boys may feel uncomfortable playing against each other — and boys may be afraid to play as aggressively and competitively as they would if they played against another boys team.

We want to know what you think. Should boys and girls play against each other during sports competitions? Vote and tell us in the comments section below your thoughts. As usual, we will air the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show!


  1. Ryan

    No I for one feel weird when I play a girl in sports. some people thing it is fun to hurt people of the opposite gender.

  2. Emmet

    I think girls should play boy sports but not together because I’m a boy and it’s akward to tackle girls

    • madie

      they should

    • madie

      just tackle em

  3. Brinley Taylor

    I think they should

  4. emily

    I am a girl and i think girls should be aloud to play boys sport.

  5. Alexander Lowe


  6. Logan

    Yes I think boys & girls should play against each other because they signed up for it so shouldn´t they be treated the same as the boys are.

    • katelynn pell

      I think that girls should play with boys so that way they know wether they want to play against boys again if someone agrees just put agree

  7. Lana

    Girls and boys should play against each other. Some people say boys are stronger, or girls will get hurt. In some cases that is true, but not all. In gym class boys and girls play against each other, and in all my years I have seen about 2 girls go to the nurse, (because they were hit in the eye with a dirty ball and the coach made them go) and so many more boys. Boys will fall on the ground and say “I need to go to the nurse!” Girls toughen up. Just this proves that girls and boys could play each other. I could go on, but I think everyone understands my point.

    • MJ

      Yes I think Boys & Girls should be able to go against each other because here at school in gym sometimes we go against each other & I think that it makes us feel exhilarated & that it gets us more energized because neither want to lose to the other!

  8. TeAnna

    yes they should play because i am in 7th grade and play on the junior high football team and and the wrestling team they should all be treated equally

  9. Helena Mc.

    I believe girls and boys should be separated with sports because girls might be bullied by the boys.

  10. Olivia

    No, because boys are stronger than girls.

    • Kaleb

      That’s your own opinion.

    • Alexander Lowe


  11. Lauren Angeline

    I do not believe so because even though, yes it well help boys and girls be more social and all that jazz. Will it really make the girls better or will they just become weak?

  12. Armon Holmes

    Yes because it wouldn’t be fair for those girls who actually think guys will be more of a competition and also some people may consider girls weak but there are some stronger than guys

  13. James

    Yes, That would give them a chance to know each other.

  14. Nick

    Yes, because girls can be just as tough as boys even tougher sometimes ever seen the aftermath of a girls basketball game well it is bad they have scratches and bruises all over none of the boys ever look as rough.

  15. madeline y

    yes, it will help girls get stronger.

  16. Adriana Gardner

    YES! It shows that girls and boys have the same equal rights and can work together without being judged. Girls are seriously questioned about their ability and this shows what they can do! Girl power exists and needs to be brought to girls!

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