Vote: Should Fidget Spinners Be Labeled Toys?

By Tonka Dobreva 12.11.2017 interact

New findings by the U.S. Public Interest Research Groups recently raised serious concerns about a popular gadget. The groups tested 12 fidget spinners sold at stores across the nation and found dangerous levels of lead in some of them. Too much lead can cause long-term health effects, especially in young people — from lower IQ and memory loss, to trouble in school and potentially Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Fidget spinners are currently being marketed for ages 14 and up and are not defined by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission as toys. This means, the gadgets don’t undergo the same testing as other toys and are not required to meet children’s product standards. With the latest findings,  groups are pushing for fidget spinners to be classified as toys, so they can be tested more rigorously for things like lead.

So what do you think? Should fidget spinners be labeled as toys and subjected to more rigorous testing? Vote and tell us your opinion in the comments section. We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show.


  1. Jerermiah

    No because I have ADHD and they will not let me use them because people say they are a toys

  2. Death4521

    I think they should be labeled as toys cause most children that use them don’t have problems so it more of a distraction in class than ahelp not only that but there soooo annoying and distracting whenever a kid brings a finger spinner to class I ask them to do there work and put it away cause there totally distracted by it

  3. Morgan

    No fidget spinners should not be labeled as toys because they help students with ADHD focus better.

  4. Nina

    I think fidget spinners should get labeled as toys. If they do get labeled as toys, the companies that sell or make them would be able to stop selling the kind of fidget spinners with a high level of lead since the standards on kid’s toys are more stringent.

  5. Arianna panda lover

    They should be labeled as toys because most people that get fidgit spinners have younger siblings, and if they put it in their mouth they can get lead poisoning.

    • David Powell

      I agree with you my brother uses them.

  6. Isabel

    I think fidget spinners should not be labeled as toy because it has so much led that if you do not wash you hands after using them you can get sick.

  7. Malia

    I think that Fidget spinners should be marked as toys because as long as you do not do not eat them of put them in your mouth it will be fine just mark it as 12 and up and put on the box do not put in mouth or eat and you will not get lead posing .

  8. Paul Lee

    I think fidget spinners should be labeled as toys, because they are fun and help kids around the world not get distracted, and that’s what toys usually do. Spin on!!!!!

  9. Aicha Seyni

    No because it can hurt someone

  10. kylee /Hillcrest STEAM Academy

    Yes, I think that fidget spinners should be labeled as toys because they have been scientifically discovered to have lead in them. And they were, what people said, to help people with ADHD or people that are autistic. And that is why I think that fidget spinners should be labeled as toys.

  11. Maddie white

    Spin it away!!!

  12. Luka

    Fidget spinners where a big craze but know they’re costing your health? Whats up with that

  13. Jaqueline/Hillcrest STEAM Academy Belton Missouri

    I think that fidget should NOT be labeled as toys. I say this because fidget spinners might contain toxic. Also some products have 300X higher the legal limit for all children product. Also some fidget spinners are 14 and up. When you are 14 you are a teen not a child. If fidget spinners have a lot much lead it can cause drop IQ and memory lost. So they are not good for kids

    • Teree

      I don’t think they should be because they or chocking haverds for kids and they can give people low iq’s and they can cause meoryloss

  14. Ireland Drummond/Hillcrest STEAM Academy

    Why, on earth, would someone let their kid play with a fidget spinner with lead? That’s just ridiculous to me. First of all, fidget spinners shouldn’t have lead in it if kids will use it. I know that lead makes the product stronger, but people can get lead poisoning. It might help you focus, but the only thing you will only focus on is the fidget spinner, and you will get led poisoning.

  15. Jedidiah Howell

    In my opinion, I think that fidget spinners should be classified as toys. I mean, think of all that led, it’s super hazardous for kids. And if you’re smart you know a kid’s probably gonna get their hands on it, literally.

    The box does say “for ages 14+”, but that much led is still hazardous for for teenagers and young adults. So if you think about it, a lot of led should be taken out. I mean who cares it makes it stronger, if it breaks more, people are more likely to buy it cause it’s a little addicting but make it strong enough it doesn’t break too easily, or no-one will buy it. And still like I said in the beginning “a kid’s probably gonna get their hands on it” and also the teenager who buys it could not know it has led and let’s their younger sibling who’s not a teenager play with it. And a lot of parents will most likely sue them because how much led it has, like seriously, is 300x the legal amount for kids really needed? They should add just the legal amount for kids in it.

    That’s why I think it should be classified as a toy, I mean it basically is. And also some people say it helps people focus and it does, it helps people focus on it. Well that’s all I have to say, hope you like it!

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