Vote: Should Kids Be Allowed to Own Smartphones?

By Tonka Dobreva 09.05.2017 interact

Colorado may become the first state to ban sales of smartphones for children. A new campaign in the state aims to make it illegal for stores to sell smartphones to kids under the age of 13, or to adults who intend to give the phones to pre-teens.

Supporters of the ban, like the organization Parents Against Underage Smartphone, say smartphones harm kids by taking time away from their playtime, therefore causing kids to miss certain stages of development. But opponents claim it’s the wrong solution to a serious problem, and it should be parents who make informed choices and manage their children’s smartphone usage.

We want to know what you think — should kids be allowed to own smartphones? Vote and tell us your opinion in the comments section below. We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show.


  1. unknown

    Some kids should be allowed to have any phone they want

  2. Austin Moreland

    I think kids should definetly have phones because the parents can have more free time if their kid is like at a sports practice or a game with their phone and they can call their parents when they are done

  3. kyasiah

    yes kids need it

  4. kyasiah

    yes kids need phones to contact there parents in case something happens

  5. James


  6. Jasreet

    I believe that kids under 13 should just have an iPad and iPod or something like that.

    • banna

      YOUR WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Skylar Gayman

    I think kid SHOULD be allowed to own smart phones because it gives kid a responsibility and helps them mature. Plus they help with communication with parents. Thanks

  8. Jacob roland


  9. troy

    PLEASE by the way my name is Troy Adams from Gray Middle school we watch your videos everyday in Mrs.Lutes class she my favorite teacher and its my favorite class so when we got done watching the video we went a little bit farther down and we saw that people in California were trying to take away smartphones from kids under the age of 13 so i asked her if we could all leave a comment and vote and all the students voted yes but i decided to leave a comment and i left a comment saying that i think kids under the age of 15 should get a free phone buuut i changed that thought i think kids under the age of 16 because thats when most people get there drivers licences. i also asked you to shout me out please shout me out i know im sending a lot of comments so sorry if im bugging you i just really want you two see this and you might be asking why do i think kids under te age of 16 should get a free pone and my answer is that there are a lot of kids that dont have enough money for a phone and im in 6th grade and we already have to use our phones and we get a Chromebook so mostly we do everything on electronics so it could also help kids in school i think that by 2020 everything will be on electronics ive also been wanting to say do you remember the hyperloop i think you should do a video about the moon and how they found water on the moon i think possibly people will be living on the moon someday so now back to the hyperloop dont you think that maybe someday we could have a hyperloop leading to the moon also my social studies teacher said that he thinks that soon people will be able to choose there kids eye color and how tall they’ll be and all there features so if you can please respond and shout me out tomorrow i have to go to spanish so please shout me out

  10. Molly

    It is important for kids to have smartphones because then when they get of the bus from school, and they are locked out, they could call/text their Mom or Dad and get in safely.

  11. Roman

    All kids over the age of 8 should be able to have smart phones. Smartphones can be helpful to kids when they are bored they can play games, or watch netflix, or YouTube!

  12. Noah Foley

    This is discrimination against ages! Why shouldn’t kids be allowed to use smartphones? After all, we need to keep in touch with our parents!

  13. jake s

    Every kid should get a phone.

  14. Aaron Shields

    No they should not by heyworth elementry.

  15. Aaron Shields

    Kids shouldn’t be aloud to have smart phones. They need to enjoy life and make time to interact with friends and family.

  16. kellen boggs

    i think phones are useful for help and contacting friends and family

  17. kalan bowling

    I think kids should be aloud to have smart phones because if you get lost or something you have to be able to contact somebody

  18. Daniel Baird

    This is a great idea

  19. Amelia

    Yes, if kids are at home or walking home by them self it’s a way to communicate with the parents if anything happened.

  20. Sara

    I think that is kids should be able to own iPhones I mean we still need to get ahold of our parents so it’s not all bad

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