Vote: Should Parents Go to Jail If Their Kid Is Caught Bullying?

By Tonka Dobreva 10.09.2017 interact

The town of North Tonawanda, NY, is taking some serious measures to prevent bullying in schools. Local legislators recently passed a law that could put behind bars parents of kids who have been caught bullying others. The mayor of the town has justified the drastic measure, saying that the punishment is primarily geared towards repeat offenders — people who have been caught bullying before.

We want to know what you think — should parents go to jail if their kid is caught bullying? Vote and tell us your opinion in the comments section. We will reveal the results of the poll and some of your questions on the show.


  1. jamie

    i mean yes it depends on what type of bullying it is

  2. king q

    i think no because the parents did noting wrong but the kid is the one bullying not the parents. If the kid bully a other kids then they should get in trouble. If the other kid kill them self then the bully should go to jail.

  3. Faith

    I don’t think this is fair for the parents to go to jail for their kids because they don’t even know what horrible things their kids are doing to other kids

  4. idk

    i don’t think they should they didn’t do it the kid did. but would they ever think that the kid did it because something is going on at home and they don’t get the attention they need. they feel like they don’t mean anything so they try to make other people feel that way too ?

  5. Braxton

    No because the parents did nothing wrong but the kid should just get oscar for 1 week to at least a month

  6. Malachi

    No! The parents shouldn’t get in trouble for their kids actions.. The parents should Discipline their children but they shouldn’t go to jail over it.

  7. Tyler J


  8. Nicole

    I think the parent should, because they should teach their kids better, and monitor the kids behavior.

  9. jasmine chavis

    NO!parents should not go to jail for what their kids have done

  10. mark

    the parent shuold go to jail

  11. matthew williams

    I think the parents should not be punished for there kids action because most parent don’t encourage bullying and the kid should be punished

  12. Erin

    I think no because parents didn´t unless they told their child to do stuff that they shouldn´t be doing.

  13. Grace

    The kids should maybe spend a night or a day in jail for chronic bullying, they need to know the consequences of their actions and that will go on a record so schools and jobs can see that, the kid is a previous bully.

  14. Sydnee

    I don’t think that parents should suffer for there child’s actions, even though it might be that they were influenced by there parents; it was still there decisions to do it or not.

  15. Logan Palmer

    I think yes because the parents will get more mad if the get fined or go to jail and teach there son a better lesson than the children going o jail or getting fined. If you like your parents you wont do it. Also

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