Vote: Should Schools Cancel Dances Because of Indecent Dancing?

By Tonka Dobreva 01.27.2016 interact

As you learned on the show today, one school in New Hampshire is cancelling its annual school dance because hundreds of students have engaged in “dirty dancing” at the event.

This trend has officials at other schools across the country worried as well, and they, too, have banned school dances because of inappropriate behavior.

We want to hear from you — do you think schools should cancel dances because of indecent dancing? Vote and tell us in the comments section what you think. We will announce the results from the poll and some of your comments on the show.


  1. Elizabeth M

    This is a very difficult question to answer as yes or no, but when it comes to the students safety then yes. These environments like the one in NH was not very safe. As growing young adults they are surrounded with peer pressure and trying to battle that. These dances do not just deal with “dirty dancing” but it goes further than that. When 18 year olds are put with freshman of 15 years old, some even still 14, if anything sexual happens it is staggatory rape. These things happen whether people want to believe it or not. Principals and administrators should not simply cancel the second they see things like this happen though. First if it is a small amount of people doing this “dirty dancing” then punish them, but if it is the majority then discus with the students what this leads to and the problems it comes with. If they repeatedly don’t listen that is when the dances should be cancelled.

    • Zach Line

      I thinks school dances should be banned for safety of the kids.

  2. Carley

    I personally think that school dances should be cancelled if they have got in trouble or something of that nonsense. Added to that, If you go out and drink then you should totally be ban from the dances in my opinion!

  3. Charli

    I have 2 opinions, Yes and No, They shouldn’t be dancing like that but they shouldn’t cancel it for only one reason.

  4. Bianca Flahaut

    I say NO! I don’t agree with teachers getting into children’s business at school, like clothing and school dances. Children have to go to school for 8 hours, PLEASE LET US ENJOY OURSELVES WHILE WE HAVE TO ENDURE THE CRUELTY!! Lol

  5. Shelby

    I think no because dances are fun ways to hang out with friends. You could just ask the kids who are not dancing appropriately to leave.

  6. Devin jackson

    No if they want to dance crazy then let them #

  7. Tom B.

    No, let the dances continue! It’s a great way to reduce stress and really let loose, and it’s not hurting anyone! Let the dances stay and stress will go away!

  8. samuel R.

    that is not cool why not just take out the bad kids that would easily take care of the problem.

  9. Conor

    No, Because Kid/Teens will be themselves and all us Teens really want is to be and have Freedom and to not be judged or told what we can and or can not do, our parents and teachers already make our lives hard enough so don’t take away our freedom to express, also whats wrong with being a little “DIRTY” 😉

  10. Melik

    No because just because some people break the rules doesn’t mean they should ruin the fun for everyone.

  11. Mallory

    No, kids are going to be doing bad things anywhere you go and just the part where you have to choose to join in.

  12. emmanuel tenner

    no becuase just let us be our selfs they did it before when they was young so why trying to do it nov

    • madisyn

      I agree that we should be able to be our self’s and not have dances canceled for a stupid thing like dirty dancing.

  13. Victoria Hamilton

    Schools shouldn’t ban dances just because some students are “dirty dancing”! Couldn’t the school add more teachers to watch the students? Or at least kick the students that are indecently dancing out?

  14. Bethannie

    No, it won’t stop the kids. Kids will be kids and will still have ‘dirty dancing’ so no.

  15. alexis c.

    no, let the dance stay if it is only a group of students ban them from the dance let the good kids party on!!

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