Vote: Should Schools Cancel Dances to Punish Students?

By Tonka Dobreva 10.17.2016 interact

Some school officials are employing unconventional measures to deal with underage drinking and other forms of bad behavior in school — they are cutting out school dances completely. For example, as a way to punish students, Corona del Mar High School cancelled Homecoming recently because students were caught drinking at a football game. Similarly, the principal of Walpole High School near Boston banned the homecoming dance because of student intoxication.

Some say these measures will teach students a lesson and help curb underage drinking; others argue that it’s an unfair punishment –all who behave properly should not be penalized because a few students have misbehaved.

We want to know what you think — should schools cancel dances to punish students? Vote and tell us in the comments section below your opinion. We will reveal the results of the poll and will feature some of your comments on the show!


  1. Amanda Hamilton

    No, you have the good kids and then you have the bad group and canceling dances is punishing the good group of kids too. How is that fair. The bad group of kids can be punished by detention or Saturday work program and the bad kids should not be allowed to go to the dance. Canceling the dance all together would be unfair.

  2. Dayton Crouterfield

    I think canceling school dances because of drinking is a good idea, it prevents the students from drinking at the dance and drunk driving.

  3. kattie bell

    I think they should cancel it for the students that did things wrong and if they cant find those people then they should cancel it for everyone.

  4. larry

    No, dancing is not a crime and banning it as a whole is not the right punishment for the kids ruining it for others.

  5. Jessica Green

    No, I don’t think school dances should be canceled as a punishment. Not all kids are bad students. I think the kids who act up, should be the ones not allowed to go to the dances.

  6. Emily S

    Schools should punish children for underage drinking because it tells students to not do that and they could drink at the dance.

  7. Haylee Wilson

    i understand that people drink underage at parties, but they shouldnt ruin it for everyone.

  8. raeleigh read

    The kids that are drinking should get punished.

  9. Hattie

    No because some kids are anti social and the dances are a good way of meeting people and making friends.

  10. Raegan

    I understand that people don’t want to lose their school dances, but it gets a point across and sends a message to the students that were underage drinking. They will have learned their lesson. Also, only letting other students go encourages them to try to go or could make them feel put on the spot when people notice they weren’t there.

    • sierra deibert

      kids should get punished for they can learn to start of as a good adult.

  11. riley backus

    No they should not get rid of dances because those are nights that you like dont forget.
    Put me on the show pls

  12. Goku

    no people should not punish dances because dances are the most memorable moments in your life. <-

  13. crabbyjosh

    How about we cancel the dances due to the overwhelming presence of dabbing.. make it stop!

    • Alaina


  14. Samara

    No, they shouldn’t cancel school dances due to only some of the students bad choices that were made.

  15. Zachary

    I don’t think it’s fair for everyone to be punished for a few people’s actions.

  16. Paris Wolfe

    No. Why should the whold school be punished because this person/group did something bad. Thats like saying this one kid talked and the whole class got ISS. How is that fair ? It isnt. So no i disagree.

  17. Isaiah

    I think school’s should not cancel dances for all kids when it’s them doing the crime.

  18. Cate

    All students shouldn’t be punished for the wrong doings of only a few students. The students who messed up shounot allowed to go to the dances not cancel the entire thing. It is unfair to those who did not do anything to deserve it.

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